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Online Craft Club Show and Tell #19

It’s Friday again already! How the heck does that happen? Yeah, I know I say that almost every week, but dang! It’s always such a shock!

This week, I worked on Fantasy Ride, and got quite a bit done. I did have to do some ripping, because I found a mistake that was well over a decade old. I couldn’t completely fix it without doing a whole lot more ripping that I was willing to do, but I don’t think it will be horribly noticeable in the end. Here’s what it looks like now, and remember I am working across the whole top, and not just one quarter.

IMG 0031 1

I had hoped to have this finished in January, but it’s looking iffy. OTOH, I not only finished the kitchen and dining room this week, I also went through the bathroom, and cleaned my deskal area. I think I’ll move into my room over the weekend, but I might make another pass on the bathroom instead.

While you are here, check out my contest post. I am giving away a copy of Glamour Knits at Home, and entry instructions can be found here.
Here’s how to play:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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re: Ananias

Country: Not the dead one, the other one. Of course, he’s dead now too.
Me: He is?
Country: Yeah, not everyone can live forever.

Stitching Away (from home)

A few months ago, I had an idea for a vacation burst upon my brain. I thought it might be neat to organize a holiday for me and some crafty friends, and we could get away and do crafty type shopping and chat and eat bonbons and drink wine and stitch. And then we all got kinda broke, and I got kinda busy, so that idea has not been developed any further. But then today, I saw some info about the sightseeing tours available from Trusted Tours & Attractions, and I thought more about it. They have an extensive list of cities to choose from, and I think I’d like to go to any of them except Tampa. I’ve been to Tampa and it was just not a real fun time for me!

I went there with just a couple hours notice when I was 8 months gone with my second son because DH was there on business and had to have emergency surgery. Now, after he got out of the hospital, we went to my cousin’s in Orlando and were able to visit some of the attractions at the then-new Universal Studios Park. That was fun, but it could have been funner if I had not been worried about him. Of course, since he had just had his head cracked open, and I was very pregnant, and there were no small children to chase, we were able to slow down and relax for the first time in years. Come to think of it, that’s as slow and relaxed as we’ve been since, and that child I was carrying is 8 years old. No wonder I feel like I need a vacation, LOL!

And I don’t want to go to Vegas just now, because I just went in November. And I don’t need to go anywhere in Florida, because I will be attending a conference there later this year. I think of the remaining cities, the Savannah or Charleston tours most appeal to me. I’ve always wanted to go to those places, and my accent won’t confuse people. Since that same cousin lives in Charleston now and I can get a tour anytime I want (he’s a tour guide, in fact), I guess that ………..leaves……

Hold that thought, ya’ll. I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, I’m signing up for the newsletter at Trusted Tours and Attractions. You can win a handheld GPS just for signing up, and you know I like the toys, ya’ll.

Still stitching, Still teaching, Still cleaning and a cool PRIZE!

Still doing all that stuff I do, but no huge developments to speak of in those areas. Pleanty ging on behind the scenes, just nothing earth shattering, unless you consider than my kitchen has been clean for 10 straight days earth shattering. The rest of my house, not so good. It took me about an hour this morning to put on my makeup because I couldn’t find the sharpener for my eyeliner. If it hadn’t been for the principle, I’d have just decided that brushed on shadow would do me in the future, but I like to keep my options open.

Are you still with me? Because I have a cool prize to give away! It’s a copy of Glamour Knits at Home by Erica Knight!

Glamour Knits at Home cover

This book has got some absolutely delicious patterns in it, they are delicate and airy and so beautiful. But I have reached the point of SABLE and then some, and I know one of you will love this book. Perhaps someone whose children do not feel compelled to explore the holes in delicate, airy, beautiful, lacy things. Or someone with a formal living room/den.

OTOH, I am not giving away Classic Knits at Home, despite that fact that I have more than reached SABLE, because the patterns in it are more reflective of the lifestyle I have chosen. Also, how can I resist a throw that is part knit and part quilt? That’s like……….nirvana or something!

Classic Knits at Home cover

Also, the pillow covers in this book are sturdily knit things, with no lace, LOL! We can love them hard, and they will still look great! And many of the pattern in this book lend themselves to scrap yarn, and you all know I have plenty of that!

So, to enter the contest to win Glamour Knits at Home, leave a comment on this post. Or blog about the give away on your own blog. Or both! You’ll get one entry for a comment, and two if you post about it on your own site. I’ll pull a name at random next Wednesday 1/30/2008.

Quarter, Quarter, Half

So, I have finished that second quarter of Fantasy Ride, and I’ve moved on to the top. Instead of working in quarters again, I am doing the whole top half at once, one color at a time. The top has so much less to it than the bottom that I think it will go pretty quickly. Of course, I have though that before about projects only to have them drag out forever, ykwim? Kinda like my friend felt when she knitted one of those linen chemises from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Warning: that link does not lead to a knitted chemise from from Ann and Kay.

In other news, I think it’s almost time for another book review, don’t you? Oh, I can hear you nodding all the way from here. I’ve got three here on my desk, and I’ve glanced quickly at all of them, but I haven’t dug in yet. Two of them go together, and I’ll write about them sometime this week. For now, though, I am going to tidy my bathroom, I think. And then I am going to stitch, I think. I say I think, because I never actually know what is going to happen around here until it happens.

Some Cross Thoughts

So, I am sitting here looking at this piece of cross-stitch, and I am thinking. Cross thought, you see. I’m thinking that it’s a lot harder to pay attention to other stuff and work cross-stitch than it is to knit. You kinda have to pay attention. Actually, like, watch what you’re doing. Otherwise you are either going to mess up your piece or poke yourself and get blood all over your work. Blood on the work is not good. It’s hard to wash out, and the peaceful beauty is just wrecked by the ewww factor.

And also, I am wondering why, when I have so many boxes of craft stuff (did you see the picture Friday morning?) that I’ll need three crow bars and seven New York movers to cram it into it’s allotted closet space am I working on what is possibly the smallest type of UFO I have? Because yeah, when I am done??? The only thing that will be less is one small piece of fabric.

I said no craft supplies, but

that doesn’t mean I can’t get other stuff, right? I still have rampant consumerism issues, and after seeing how much fun the fam is having with their MP3 players:

IMG 1369

I definitely want one for myself. If you’ve been reading long, you know I have been thinking about it for quite some time and I happen to know that Amazon has that little number right there in hot pink, as well as the black I gave dh. And I also know that CouponChief has Amazon coupons.

Hey, when I girl’s gotta shop…..

Best Left Over Taco Salad Ever

Last night, we had a roast for supper, and there was just a bit left, not enough to serve again in that form, but too much to throw out, so I shredded it while it was still warm and easy to separate the fat. I decided I would make burritos for the family tonight, and man, did they ever turn out well. Or at least that’s what they all said 😉 I didn’t have a burrito, because I didn’t want to spend 173 calories on a tortilla. I had mine on a bed of salad, and it was fantabulous. Here’s the recipe!

2-3 cups shredded cooked chuck roast
3-4 cups cooked rice (also leftover)
1 large can of tomatoes
1 packet taco seasoning mix
1 large can refried beans
Shredded cheese
Salad greens and/or tortillas

Heat the beef and tomatoes in a skillet and add the taco seasoning. Mix in the beans and the rice, and continue to cook until heated through. Spoon the mixture onto the tortillas and sprinkle with cheese, then roll. Or serve it on salad and sprinkle with cheese.

Super quick, super fast, and because it’s mostly leftovers, super cheap.

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