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Stitching Away (from home)

A few months ago, I had an idea for a vacation burst upon my brain. I thought it might be neat to organize a holiday for me and some crafty friends, and we could get away and do crafty type shopping and chat and eat bonbons and drink wine and stitch. And then we all got kinda broke, and I got kinda busy, so that idea has not been developed any further. But then today, I saw some info about the sightseeing tours available from Trusted Tours & Attractions, and I thought more about it. They have an extensive list of cities to choose from, and I think I’d like to go to any of them except Tampa. I’ve been to Tampa and it was just not a real fun time for me!

I went there with just a couple hours notice when I was 8 months gone with my second son because DH was there on business and had to have emergency surgery. Now, after he got out of the hospital, we went to my cousin’s in Orlando and were able to visit some of the attractions at the then-new Universal Studios Park. That was fun, but it could have been funner if I had not been worried about him. Of course, since he had just had his head cracked open, and I was very pregnant, and there were no small children to chase, we were able to slow down and relax for the first time in years. Come to think of it, that’s as slow and relaxed as we’ve been since, and that child I was carrying is 8 years old. No wonder I feel like I need a vacation, LOL!

And I don’t want to go to Vegas just now, because I just went in November. And I don’t need to go anywhere in Florida, because I will be attending a conference there later this year. I think of the remaining cities, the Savannah or Charleston tours most appeal to me. I’ve always wanted to go to those places, and my accent won’t confuse people. Since that same cousin lives in Charleston now and I can get a tour anytime I want (he’s a tour guide, in fact), I guess that ………..leaves……

Hold that thought, ya’ll. I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, I’m signing up for the newsletter at Trusted Tours and Attractions. You can win a handheld GPS just for signing up, and you know I like the toys, ya’ll.

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