sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Quit giggling. I know you are. Oh, just stop. You are offending large donkeys everywhere, as well as making me question the actual size of my booty, and if it is large enough to qualify for one of these huge air moving devices. So cut it out.

Actually, I am giggling, too, and I’ve been giggling since I saw the name and just knew I had to come tell you about it. Especially after our conversation yesterday about Boob Girls, Belly Girls and BUTT Girls. These fans have nothing to do with the junk in your trunk, though. The blades in BigAssFans are 3 to 12 feet long, and you’ll find these puppies in large spaces like zoos and airports and such. Think of it as a Warehouse Fan, designed to move a lot of air. Although as hot as it gets here, one of these might not be unreasonable in my living room.

And if you don’t need a BigAssFan, that’s okay, too. Go buy a shirt that will make you (and everyone around you) giggle, and will also help save an ass. Profits from the sale of logo merchandise are donated to Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado. This company knows how to laugh at themselves and take a joke, you can tell that from the name. Apparently, they can give back as well. I’ll take two shirts, in pink: a large for now, a small for later.

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