sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Some Cross Thoughts

So, I am sitting here looking at this piece of cross-stitch, and I am thinking. Cross thought, you see. I’m thinking that it’s a lot harder to pay attention to other stuff and work cross-stitch than it is to knit. You kinda have to pay attention. Actually, like, watch what you’re doing. Otherwise you are either going to mess up your piece or poke yourself and get blood all over your work. Blood on the work is not good. It’s hard to wash out, and the peaceful beauty is just wrecked by the ewww factor.

And also, I am wondering why, when I have so many boxes of craft stuff (did you see the picture Friday morning?) that I’ll need three crow bars and seven New York movers to cram it into it’s allotted closet space am I working on what is possibly the smallest type of UFO I have? Because yeah, when I am done??? The only thing that will be less is one small piece of fabric.

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