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Still stitching, Still teaching, Still cleaning and a cool PRIZE!

Still doing all that stuff I do, but no huge developments to speak of in those areas. Pleanty ging on behind the scenes, just nothing earth shattering, unless you consider than my kitchen has been clean for 10 straight days earth shattering. The rest of my house, not so good. It took me about an hour this morning to put on my makeup because I couldn’t find the sharpener for my eyeliner. If it hadn’t been for the principle, I’d have just decided that brushed on shadow would do me in the future, but I like to keep my options open.

Are you still with me? Because I have a cool prize to give away! It’s a copy of Glamour Knits at Home by Erica Knight!

Glamour Knits at Home cover

This book has got some absolutely delicious patterns in it, they are delicate and airy and so beautiful. But I have reached the point of SABLE and then some, and I know one of you will love this book. Perhaps someone whose children do not feel compelled to explore the holes in delicate, airy, beautiful, lacy things. Or someone with a formal living room/den.

OTOH, I am not giving away Classic Knits at Home, despite that fact that I have more than reached SABLE, because the patterns in it are more reflective of the lifestyle I have chosen. Also, how can I resist a throw that is part knit and part quilt? That’s like……….nirvana or something!

Classic Knits at Home cover

Also, the pillow covers in this book are sturdily knit things, with no lace, LOL! We can love them hard, and they will still look great! And many of the pattern in this book lend themselves to scrap yarn, and you all know I have plenty of that!

So, to enter the contest to win Glamour Knits at Home, leave a comment on this post. Or blog about the give away on your own blog. Or both! You’ll get one entry for a comment, and two if you post about it on your own site. I’ll pull a name at random next Wednesday 1/30/2008.

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