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Clean Sweep?

I don’t have a finished object to show you this morning. Unlike last weekend, I didn’t 1)stay home 2)sit around or 3)knit (much). We had Christmas at my cousin’s on Saturday. I did knit on the Wallaby on the way there, and it’s almost to the armpits now. I love making little things, they go so fast! And then On Sunday, my cousin’s wife came and we played Clean Sweep in my kitchen.

Is that the show I am thinking of? The one where they take all the stuff out of the house, and sort it out and only keep a little of it? And then they clean the fire out of the house before they put it back? Well, my wonderful cousin came yesterday and helped me do that to my kitchen. It looks absolutely wonderful! In fact, it looks like some kitchen you’d see in a advertising postcard for a realtor. Except for the floor. I saw while I was down there on my hands and knees scrubbing the dickens out of it that it has about a bazillion gouges out of it. No wonder it never looks really and truly clean, ykwim? I’ve been saying that I want new floors, but I believe the time has come to go beyond lip service. The next time I get one of those Cheap Postcards advertising a sale at the flooring store, I am going to get an estimate.

Anyway, I am enjoying the less is more look in the kitchen (and how easy it is to tidy), and am looking forward to doing the rest of the house. Who knew throwing yet more stuff out could feel so good. Yes, I had been through there a month or so ago, remember? And I still managed to get rid of half a garbage bag full of stuff for good will, and more than that in the trash. While I am here I might as well tell you that it’s unlikely that I’ll have an FO by Friday, either. She left me a list of homework to get done before she comes again next weekend, LOL! I have to be faster than her, because I must get my craft stuff orderly before we get to that point, so you can expect reports of cleaning here this week, alongside the crafty bits.

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