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End of Week 1

Well, I didn’t get a response to my little poll the other day, but the answer was my kids. And since part of the reason I am consolidating blogs again is due to lack of time to maintain them with style and aplomb, and since part of the reason I lack time is because we are back in to school on a actual and real full-time basis, it seems appropriate for the first post I do about the kids to concern their school work.

I spent the first couple of weeks in January working on their lesson plans, as I believe I have mentioned in passing. I have 4 full students and one beginning reader this year, and my older girls are beginning to need a little more one on one time that I was able to give them when I tried to maintain a huge “group work” schedule, so I have cut that to a bare minimum, and this allows more time for me to work with the children individually. It also forces the younger two students to read more of their material themselves, instead of getting spoon fed. I was afraid this would be a problem, but they are really taking to it!

I am thrilled with our progress this week, and while I can’t point to anyone thing and say “we learned this“, I can say that my children have met and enjoyed new poets, been introduced to characters from classic literature and 3 periods of history, and there has been math involved in their lives everyday. On five different levels, which may explain why I am so mentally drained by the time the school day is over, LOL.

Now, then. If you are on a feed reader, I apologize in advance. I have some plans for the old domain, and I need to get those posts that pertained to the children back over here. I plan to pretty much place them on the date they were originally written, so the move won’t make much difference to those who read on site, but the feed is going to be going crazy until I get that done. I’ve set it to partial to help lessen the onslaught, but I don’t know how much help that will be.

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