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And the winner is…….

I wrote all the names down on one index card, in the order I cam across the entries in my inbox and then my incoming links. There were 19 total, and I had Diva pick a number without telling her what it was for. She chose 6, which happened to be…..


Please email me your address! I’ll ship shortly, without waiting on business funding.

That’s NOT what I meant

Apparently I signed up last night for about 12 years of camping, rowdiness, model car racing, field trips, war re-enactments, bb guns, arrows, and canoeing. Eventually there will be knives and wildlife involved. What in heck have I done? I was not my intent to agree to all that, I just said “Yeah, I can do the Tigers.” With 6 words, I have committed myself to a generation of ungirliness. You know I am a total foofoo girl! What have I done???

See, the pack that I was CubMastering can’t find a charter here in Bittyburg. At least not one that can provide what we need: meeting space. So most of us are joining up with the next pack over. We simply can’t have a pack if we have nowhere to meet, and the current chartering organization will not allow us to use the rooms we need, or to have food in the building. Or, or, or. So, anyway, I asked the CubMaster what I could do, and he said “I hate to ask you this (clearly, he recognized the extent of the question before I did)” and I said “don’t hate to do it, I’m here, what do you need?” And he said “Tigers” and I said “ok”. I have one more pack meeting at the old place to let the ones who show up know we are moving, and I guess if someone has not stepped up before then, I have a Tiger Den.

The good news is that none of my sons are Tigers this year, so this is a good time for me to start. I have to be there anyway, but part of the reason we started scouting was so my boys would meet and be involved with other adults (since we homeschool), so I didn’t want to be a den leader for any of them. Isn’t it great when things work out?

Heavenly Couture

missmelongskirtfront I was just poking around on the Heavenly Couture website. I was looking at the denim skirt you see over there on the right. I love denim, and I practically live in it. Well, I do when I fit in my clothes, but the current size of my behind is not the clothes’ fault, now is it? I have a couple of longer jean skirts, but a shorter one would be nice to have for summer, I think. Assuming we get summer. Which I am sure we will, but I am cold and hedging my bets.

Anyway, Heavenly Couture specializes in junior clothing, and while I can’t fit most of their items today, I imagine in about six weeks, I’ll be able to find a thing or twelve to make me smile. The cool part is that everything is priced at $17.95 or less, and shipping is free if you spend more than $75. One of the things on my mental to-do list is to buy the pieces from Tim Gunn’s must have list, and at 18 bucks a throw, I could do some serious damage to the list for less than 200 dollars. That’s a great price for quality clothing!

The only thing I don’t like is that the clothes are sold in xs,s,m,l,xl instead of number sizes. Of course, since I never know what size of anything I will wear until I try it on, it doesn’t make much difference, does it? And since they accept exchanges, I think I can deal. In about 15 more pounds 😉

Went There Did That and Ewwww Gross

pic012608 2 So I went bowling just like I said. It was fun, just as expected. Next month, the youth have voted to have a lock in. Umm, yay??? Can’t wait to lay on the cold hard floor and not sleep. On the plus side, I’ll be making tacos to feed us all, and by all, I mean our kids and the kids from another area church. Yummm, love tacos. Tacos make me happy on the inside, LOL!

As for the gross, we watched the Guinness World Record Show last night. I think it’s telling that Dh and I spent the time shuddering and asking “WHY on EARTH would someone do that”???? while Country and Diva spent it saying “cool”. Also, when the people ate the worms, we both looked away. UGH!

As for crafting, yes, there was some last night. I’m thinking that this project will probably NOT be finished by the 31st. If that’s the case, I plan to pick up Drama’s Wallaby and knock it on out for February’s FO. I think I am going to end up knitting the sleeves flat and seaming them. That’s ok, I don’t mind seaming, and knitting flat and seaming is just as quick for me as using DPNs, which I don’t have in a 6 anyway 😉

Tomorrow I Bowl

Tomorrow, I have an agenda. It doesn’t include much stitching, nor does it include shopping for Chrysler 300 accessory packs. That would fall under hobby and craft supplies, now wouldn’t it? And I’m not doing that, remember? No, tomorrow, we have a youth event. We will be meeting at the church for a study and lunch, and then we will go bowling. I would love to say I look forward to beating some teenage booty but the truth is, they are just as likely to mop the place up with me as I am with them.

A long time ago, a dear friend of mine used to say “teenagers are such neat people”, and at the time, I thought she was…pie in the sky, but I decided when TheClone moved home that it was a great attitude to try out, and I found that it was true. I liked the teens and the teens liked me, and I still do and they still do, and you know what? Teenagers are really neat people. I’m going bowling with a bunch of them tomorrow.

Another week down

No, I don’t reckon to give you a blow by blow of our school each week, we cover way too much academic ground for that, but I do enjoy talking about some of the materials we encounter. For instance, this week, Diva was introduced to Arthur. Yes, that Arthur. And when she slubbed over the narration, I made her recover it, because I know how important it will be in her later reading to know Arthur Pendragon, his father Uther and his mentor Merlin.

So, I said we cover a lot of real estate. How much you say? All told about 80 pages of written material per day, and while I don;t have to read it all every day, I do have to be familiar enough with it to make sure they “got” it. Good thing I used to read. Sigh.

Still Crazy after all these years

That would be me, over Garth Brooks. Only now I have kids. Kids with noisy toys. And they will climb up into my lap while I am trying to listen to and watch The Great Garth in concert on television. And they will push the buttons on these noisy toys. And this will cause me to mutter things under my breath. Not cute, not cute at all.

Cool DVD Find

We occasionally use videos in school, and the kids have several movies that they really enjoy watching. Over and over and over. You know just what I mean, don’t you? I have favorites too. I could watch Moulin Rouge and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Fame and Footloose and Flashdance with the same passion they have for Spirit and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Since I do have small kids and I do find DVDs on the floor now and again, I’ve often considered DVD backup, but I didn’t have the equipment or knowledge to do it.

I know we’d be heartbroken to lose some of our favorites, and it would be nice to have copies of the ones we love the most. I’ve had to throw out VHS tapes that got the guts ripped out of them, and it was like throwing away a part of our family history. I still haven’t told TheClone that The Last Unicorn took it’s last journey a few months ago, ifykwim. She watched that movie DAILY for a couple of years as a small child. And then as a teen, she had me buy the book for her.

123 Copy DVD can solve that problem. The Gold Program allows you to

  • copy DVD to DVD
  • copy DVD to iPod and Zune
  • copyDVD to PSP
  • create cellphone ringtones
  • and

  • create DVDs from downloaded movies

The full program is just $49.99, less than the cost of 3 movies, and you can buy smaller programs to do just a couple of those things for even less. That’s like DVD insurance, but you only have to pay the premium one time. How cool is that? I guess it’s maybe time to look at replacing The Last Unicorn, huh? I do have another generation of little girls to love it, now don’t I?

PS: Do you have any idea how weird it feels to realize my children span a generation??? Really weird. Just sayin’

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