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Over the weekend

I did a wild and crazy thing. I actually closed the computer down, and participated in real life. Crazy, huh? I hung out with the children, conversed with dh, made a massive to-do list and I even knit a little bit. And sleep?? Oh my word, I slept so well it was if I were in one of those adjustable beds commercials. I do wish I had knit more, but all that sleeping interfered, LOL. Maybe next weekend!

Oh, on the to-do list is a sweater I started for Spidey. I realized while I was making the list that I started it well over a year ago. Umm, ya’ll………..*whispers* It’s not going to fit. Now, I do have children it will fit, but it may be difficult to convince him that it’s no longer his sweater.

Work fascinates me…

Work fascinates me: I could watch it or hours. Have you heard that on before? I’ve not only heard it, I’ve said. On many occasions. And not only does work fascinate me, I also have an insatiable curiosity about how things work, and how things are made. One of the things that piques my curiosity is stickers. I mean, how do they get those little plasticky pieces of paperish to stick to that waspaper stuff and also, how do the get the colors and shapes, and and and. Yeah, well, I am easily amused, but my kids have asked me in the past and I didn’t know what to say beyond “oh, they just print them that way.” Umm, yeah. D’uuuuuh.

Anyway, I now know a little more about how stickers are made, thanks to the awesomely informative Frontier Label. They have actual pictures of the machines in action, along with a little bit of explanation of the whole process. Gotta love it when you learn something, right? Anyway, they make labels and stickers for lots of stuff, but they concentrate on the home business market–candle jar labels and such. Obviously, I don’t need that kind of thing right now, but they would have been nice to have when I was knitting for dollars! And if I ever need them again, I’ll know to go to the site that taught me something about stickers.

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