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Snickety, Snickety, Click, Click, Click

I knit again yesterday, for the first time since … I think it was the 9th of December. Diva had a doctor’s appointment, so it just seemed natural to grab the basket as I headed out the door. You know part of the pure joy of knitting (for me) is that it is pretty mindless and I can do it with my hands while my mind does other things. That has not been exactly the prescription I wanted over the last 10 or 12 days. Is that really all it’s been? Wow. That’s mind boggling, because it seems like it has been at least a month. A not-month in which the last thing I wanted to do was think.

As a bonus to the knitting, I was able to try on Sonnet, and maybe, just maybe it will fit. And all the ladies in the office oohed and ahhed over it, which is always nice. The color, the texture, it’s all a big hit with the medical supplies crowd. And with me, of course. Another 87 sleeve rounds and I will have a sweater. I purchased the buttons back in the summer, so…..a week at the outside, I think. Maybe I better pencil in some tv and knitting time. And I think I will allow myself to make a pair of socks after I finish Sonnet.

On my non-knitting agenda: clean the girls room so we can put up the tree. I gave them all fair warning that there would be no tree until the house was clean, and that’s the last hold-out. Today I told them that if it didn’t happen Saturday, it wasn’t going to happen.

Go get my hair did since my gal overslept next Saturday and I looked like pooh for my Grandmother’s funeral. I’m hoping she can see me on Saturday morning early.

Give myself a series of makeovers with the makeup I have on the way. I had several folks tell me that the picture with the mineral makeup looked good, even with the curl in the middle of my forehead that I went ahead and ordered samples from Aromaleigh and full size products from e.l.f late Tuesday night. Yes, there will be pictures of the fun, LOL.

Plan, purchase supplies for and execute the Christmas baking. We are obviously getting a horrendously late start, and our celebrations will be continuing past the 25th, which is something I planned on even before Grandmother’s decline and death. Therefore, while all of you are frantically rushing around, I’m just enjoying the ride 😛

I think that about brings us up to date. I am trying hard to get back in the groove. Today is already better in that I have managed to post at least once. Well, as soon as I proofread and hit publish.

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