sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


So, in the great house cleaning on ’07,which you can read about on other blogs, I have uncovered a couple of sweaters that never did quite fit correctly, namely
and and I am thinking some re-knitting is in order.

For the fireman sweater, belonging to Spidey, I think I can just use the yarn in the hat to make the body longer, and that will suffice. The sweater for Diva also needs the body lengthened, but I will have to take the yarn from the sleeves instead. You know, it takes a substantial investment of time to churn out a handknit garment, and I’d really prefer that the things get worn for more than one season. Maybe I’m alone in that, but I doubt it. I imagine folks who spend great gobs of money on equestrian riding apparel like those to last a while, too.

And did I mention I am mailing my beloved Otis out to someone who can wear it without looking like a stuffed penguin? Umm-hmm, I shoulda known from looking at the model that my spectaculars were never going to fit properly in there.

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