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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Hey ya’ll, I’m home. I have an almost finished footie to show for my trip! Here I am knitting on it, in at [tag]PostieCon07[/tag] in Vegas. Excuse the blur, I was in a hurry.

IMG 0981

And here I am meeting Jim Jones Ted. He’s a riot, a total fireball, just like I thought he would be.

Ted and Cass

And also, he is followed around by Hot Travis the camera dude all the time. All. the. Time. Sometimes people say wild and crazy stuff to Hot Travis in an attempt to get him to stop filming. It never works. It will probably even come back to haunt them. Just sayin’

Hot Travis

I also met Pete, and Britt and a bunch of other really neato people. In fact, I enjoyed sleeping with them all.

I was planning to live blog to conference, but my computer did not like the wifi there, and I could not connect. I was the only person there who couldn’t, which seems really unfair, but I lived through it, I guess. I suggest they look into a better wireless router, or at least one that works with my laptop.


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One more thing

I have one more piece of business that I ran out of time for in my home airport. I got a new kitchen toy in the mail a few days ago, and I need to tell you about it. It’s a totally enclosed microwave bacon cooker. That means no mess! You lay your bacon strips over the “vanes” of the cooker, put that piece in the holder and lock the lid, and cook your bacon for 45 seconds to a minute per piece. No messy splatters, no dirty pan. You pour off the grease after each batch is done, and just store the whole thing in the frig. It’s top rack dishwasher safe, too.

I only have one issue with the cooker, and it probably would not be that big a deal for most people, but for me, it’s a big one. The cooker only holds six pieces of bacon at a time. Now, I buy bacon in three pound packages, ya’ll. And if I let them, my family would eat the whole package in one sitting. Do you know how long it would take me to cook 3 pounds of bacon 6 slices at a time? A lot longer than it takes me to throw the whole pile into my huge electric skillet and fry it, that’s how long. This will, however, make an excellent gift for some healthy person who considers bacon to be a condiment instead of a meal 😉 or for a family of normal size, LOL!

Going, going, gone

So, here I sit in the airport in the laptop, using their free wifi. My bag, full of Basic Editions and Faded Glory instead of port authority clothing is checked, and I am just waiting to board my flight to Atlanta, connecting to Vegas. And I should get something to eat real quick I think.

I ended up bringing socks to knit on, instead of a new and different thing. I’ll make sock 2 of the WIP pair, and I also brought some Brown Sheep Wildefoot Rock N Roll. And a book. And the computer as I already mentioned. I’ll be in airports for 12 hours all told today.

Anyway, posting will be light until I am home again, and possibly nonexistent. Knit on!

TV Flunkie

I took a quiz today, and I think I failed. Apparently, I am NOT addicted to reality tv. Which is not really surprising given that I only watch a handful of shows to begin with, and only one of them (The Amazing Race) actually qualifies as reality tv. And anyway, who decided what reality tv is? Why isn’t CSI reality tv. I mean people are murdered in freaky ways every day, right??


Quiz courtesy of Funny Lists from

And apparently, I do not remember much of the television that I do watch, because….well, 20% speaks for itself, LOL! Maybe its because I either knit or compute most of the time when I am sitting in front of the tube.

Speaking of knitting, I am packing for my trip today, and I still have not made a final decision about what to knit. I am about 50 yards short on the yarn I would like to use for that butterfly shawl. Unless………. ooh, if I have time, I will dig in my big bin, I am almost sure that there is enough yardage in that Cherry Tree Hill, and if not, I do have that Opal Petticoat. But Lorna’s Laces would feel so good!

Ok, I think it’s time to cut this right off, don’t you? One of is going to swoon here directly from the yarn fumes.

It’s broken

So, I made a post today about something I wanted to knit. I linked to my page that lists that stuff that I want to make. Did anyone click that link? And then click the links on that page? Because some of them are broken. Let me tell you, I’m not quite sure that I can knit a 404 error. Could you?

Fresh, Clean, White and Not Sensitive

Did I tell ya’ll that at the ripe old age of 40, I have cavities? I’d been noticing my teeth were more sensitive, and when I went to the dentist, there they were–the beginnings of four tiny cavities, the first I’ve ever had. So far, 2 have been filled, and I have the other two scheduled at the end of the month. So! Cavities! In my mouth! Unacceptable! I’m flossing, which is something I never bothered to do before, and I am investigating toothpastes, because! Cavities! are! bad!

The first toothpaste I am experimenting with is this new one from Biotene. It has several attributes that I am enjoying after years of using cinnamon (Not gonna say, bit it starts with a C, ends with a t, and rhymes with test). Most noticeable to me is what’s missing, and that’s a mouthful of weird frothy stuff. Ewwww, that is something I hated, and had no idea you could live without. But, hey–froth-free toothpaste?? I’m sold right there! I also like the flavor, which is very understated. A little fruity, but not overpowering. Whodda thunk my teeth could feel so clean without burning a hole in my tongue?

Oh, yeah, back to the sensitive teeth part. The whole point is that it’s a sensitive toothpaste, right? Well, Biotene says it resolves the problem that causes sensitive teeth, instead of just masking it. I can’t speak to that, not being a dentist and all, but I imagine when I go back at the end of the month, we’ll find out, now won’t we?

IMG 0869And, I hope you enjoy this little picture. I would have crossed my eyes, too, but I haven’t put on my fake face yet.

I will not buy yarn or patterns

I will not buy yarn. Or pattern books. I will not get sucked in. I will not buy. But I am liable to ruin this computer by drooling all over the keyboard. I want this sweater! I know it doesn’t look like much all flat like that, but click the “more images” and check it out on the model. Hummina, hummina!~

This is going on the want to knit page.

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