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The Mist

Did I mention that in addition to a resurgence of craftiness, and making time for a few favorite tv shows (you don’t know how close I came to talking all about Journeyman last night–be careful visiting here during prime time, ya’ll), I am reading again? In fact, I ordered Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual when 1408 cameout, and I am about halfway through it. Writing about that movie reminded me how much I used to enjoy King, and so I ordered that book so I could read the story behind 1408. Of course, you know I am bent in the head, and am not even allowing myself to read ahead, but each story must be read in order. And I have had a couple of full length books slip in there, too (like more than 2 but less than 10), so don’t think I am a total reading slacker, just know that I am busy, and have trouble writing (like right this minute, I am writing) and reading at the same time. You try it and let me know how it works out for you, LOL. Boy, have I digressed. Again.

Ok, so the purpose of this post is to tell you about The Mist by Stephen King. Yep, another new movie. It seems like from the pictures, it might be based on The Langoliers, but it’s been so long since I read Different Seasons that I can’t be sure, and the trailer just says “based on a novella by Stephen King”. You know the thing that enthralls me with King’s books is the realism of them. It’s like they could really happen..they are spooky, but not entirely implausible, always with that …”maybe” hook, that “not entirely impossible” grabber. I am sure The Mist will be no exception.

Now, I have never found myself trapped in a store with a townful of people…oh SNAP! A commercial for the movie just came on, even as I was typing. *Insert twilight zone music*…while boogiemen hid in the mist, but I have walked to school on a fog so thick I could barely see five feet in front of me, and I have been on night patrol on a night with no moon, and on both of those occasions, peopleless faces have suddenly appeared in front of me, and even recognizing the faces and knowing without a doubt that bodies were attached did not keep me from squealing just a bit. See what I mean about King not being so far out of the realm of possibility? It’s interesting to watch how people change when they are uncomfortable (spooked). Whisper, whisper, but still so easily heard, because your ears work better if you can’t see, ykwim?

Let me know if you see the movie. It comes out on the 21st. I’m not convinced I’ll go, but I did enjoy reminiscing, and yes, there was plenty I didn’t talk about, believe it or not.

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