sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

The Amazing Race November 18 2007

Ok, I have to admit I was at my folks and missed the first bit, but on behalf of the camels, I protest! Having your overfull udders mangled and your nipples half pulled off by in experienced milkers is NO FUN. Yes, you can ask me how I know. And that little screamer gal? Needs-to-GO. Likewise, the barfer.

Hmm, the team that was actually eliminated, I don’t even recognize. Maybe they stood out more last week, when I missed the show because I was in Vegas. I was pleased when I got home to note that my second least favorite team had been eliminated in my absence.

Also, somebody needs to come vacuum up in here. My home theater carpet looks as horrible as the stuff in an actual theater and feels worse!

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