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Don’t look now, but

I was cleaning today! Crazy, huh? Yeah, I can actually see the top of my nightstand again. I actually threw away *gasp* craft mags. Not knitting mags, mind you, but some quilt ones. Apparently I decided to use my bedroom set like office furniture, because I have allowed reading material to stack up to rather scary heights in there. In order to render it manageable again, I put the wicker box of huge hair bows that I made back in the day when I had really long hair in the top of the closet. Then I put the books back, and it wasn’t nearly as scary, because they weren’t nearly as tall. 😛 Yeah, I read in bed and that’s probably not going to change.

Umm, let’s see: knitting news. None. I did not get any knitting done yesterday except what I did at the dentist office. But I am opening iTunes, and downloading the latest ‘casts, and I have a hot date with some cool yarn tonight. Unless of course, some sort of parenting, cooking, or cleaning disaster occurs. In that case, I’ll be back tomorrow with another lame post about how I didn’t get to knit again.

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