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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Hey ya’ll, I’m home. I have an almost finished footie to show for my trip! Here I am knitting on it, in at [tag]PostieCon07[/tag] in Vegas. Excuse the blur, I was in a hurry.

IMG 0981

And here I am meeting Jim Jones Ted. He’s a riot, a total fireball, just like I thought he would be.

Ted and Cass

And also, he is followed around by Hot Travis the camera dude all the time. All. the. Time. Sometimes people say wild and crazy stuff to Hot Travis in an attempt to get him to stop filming. It never works. It will probably even come back to haunt them. Just sayin’

Hot Travis

I also met Pete, and Britt and a bunch of other really neato people. In fact, I enjoyed sleeping with them all.

I was planning to live blog to conference, but my computer did not like the wifi there, and I could not connect. I was the only person there who couldn’t, which seems really unfair, but I lived through it, I guess. I suggest they look into a better wireless router, or at least one that works with my laptop.

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