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What makes a hobby crafty?

So, it’s 8 o’clock, and here I sit in the recliner, laptop on my lap, ready for The Amazing Race, and what appears but 60 Minutes! Because the football game ran late. I wonder if 6AM will also be delayed, because that’s what time I need to get up, and I want to watch TAR before bedtime.

But while I am sitting here, watching people wake up from comas and vegetative states, I thought I might talk for a few minutes about what constitutes a hobby, and if non-crafting hobbies really belong on a craft blog. I still feel pretty uncomfortable with that idea, even though I took it for a test drive last week. It felt awkward after the time I spent trying to get this blog back on track, like life insurance quotes at a baby shower or something. So, there it is. Thanks for your patience while I tried that on for size, but I think we’ll return to our regular scheduled programming, which is crafting of the mostly knitting kind. Although if I knit while I watch, you may hear about it!

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