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Tv and Footies

Ok, about tv, apparently that will be a go, since I had three visits specifically searching for info on [tag]TAR[/tag] within 30 minutes of publishing that piece last night. Also, Charlotte said it’s my blog, and I can talk about whatever I want. HA!

Now, on to the [tag]footies[/tag], since I am here with the camera card and all.

IMG 1087 1
These are awesome in clogs, but they do slip in 1/4 back shoes. I have not tried them in full heeled shoes. Since I specifically needed socks I could wear with clog and shorts/capris without looking like a dork, they fit the bill I intended them for. Also, fairly quick, once I get going. yes, those are our school books behind my [tag]feet[/tag].

PSA: please remember not to wear your hand knit socks on home theater carpet, or any other carpet for that matter. The carpet fibers are stronger than the wool in your socks, and you will get holes in your socks.

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