sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Those footies that I just needed one more hour of knitting time to finish? Oh yeah, baby, wore them last night. Worked on Sonnet while I walked around at cheerleading practice wearing my new socks. It’s all about me and my new knitted stuff. Which you know is absolutely NOT true if you have been here more than three times.

Actually, are you sure you are actually here? Because umm, how did you get here and all? Can you take a sec and let me know? Recently, Google has decided that this blog is without redeeming social value, and so I am curious as to whether you mostly come out of habit, or if you are directed by word of mouth, or whatever. If it’s pity, no need to comment on that, LOL!

Oh, back to the sock–I am posting from a remote location (my bedroom) and the card with the picture on it is all the way in the living room, and that’s one closed door and at least 20 steps from my current location, so the picture will have to wait. Dang, I am a malicious woman.

Oh, now that I have teased you unmercifully, because that is just the kind of person I am, I do have a more serious question. Well, semi serious. Would you mind if I talked about tv now and again? The checking account where I keep my time is on the verge of going into overdraft, and I am trying to consolidate a couple of blogs. Something about needing sleep. Whatever. Anyway, I am debating on whether or not you think thats a good fit. Please let me know.

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