sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

I don’t like WET

I got wet the other day. Quite unexpectedly, and also quite shockingly. I went to the kitchen sink, and I turned on the water, and the water came shooting out of the sprayer. Into my face. Yeah. I said what you just said, plus I have a bazillion kids who all laughed at me. It’s evidently time to replace the sprayer. We go through one every couple of years, it seems. I always buy the cheapest faucet set I can find, but I think I am actually wasting money. It’s probably time to go with a better quality set like these Kohler Faucets, because I am a knitter, and if I had been wearing something that shouldn’t get wet, I might have had a serious issue. Wanna make a grown knitter cry? Ruin her beautiful knitted something. And don’t even ask me how I know.

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