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Sew? one

Yep, I have a few sewing projects, too. The kind that get done on the machine. or in my case, NOT done on the machine, LOL!

IMG 0585
This is a dress. No idea who it was for, or even waht size it is. Good thing that the size is on the pattern, and it doesn’t really matter who id was for, because it won’t fit them now anyway.

IMG 0586
This is also a dress. See above.

IMG 0587
I’m almost sure that I cut this one for DD#1. Unless it was DD#3. But I’m almost sure it was #1, and practically positive that I bought it when I bought the fabric to make the dress she wore in my wedding. In 1992.

IMG 0588
Hahahahaha. Never gonna finish this. Bought it and cut it for me back in the day. Can’t even use it for quilts since it’s knit. I would wear a shirt, so I’ll see if I can make one.

IMG 0594
Christmas shirt from sometime in the mid 90s. Verdict: probably not. Too bad, because back in the day, that would have been as cool as a Girard Perregaux.

And yes. Sew? one does indeed imply Sew? two. Tomorrow.

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