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Fifth Cool Idea

yhst 33892181085979 1963 13821111A better desk! Most of you probably don’t know that I use a the space under my table/desk for storage, but I do. Even as I type, I usually have one knee resting against a wicker basket of yarn, and my foot resting on a trunk of photos that need to be scrapbooked, and immediately to the left of that are two bins of cross-stitch and other craft supplies. So! A bigger, taller desk would add to my storage capacity, right? Well, what about reception desks like the one at right? I could fit lots of stuff under that, plus there are a couple of drawers to hold tools and such. Nifty-difty and handy-dandy. And only ten thousand dollars 8)

Fourth Cool Idea

I mentioned the other day that I thought letting the family run off to a Orlando vacation home rental while I stayed home to stitch would be a good idea, remember? Well, I could also use some of my early morning hours for stitching. Except that my sewing machine only plugs in one way, and the way it plugs in puts my back to the room. I don’t mind this at all when the family is awake. I use a swiveling chair, so I can twist and turn and interact with them. And this is a much better place for the machine. But, I have a [tag]fear[/tag] of people sneaking up behind me, and so….I don’t sew if I am the only one awake, because the noise of the machine means I would not know they were there until they touched me. And while most of them know not to touch me if I don’t know they are there, the littlest ones don’t, and that could get very ugly, very quickly.

So my fourth cool idea is a [tag]sewing[/tag] machine that will plug in either way so I could face the room and quilt.

Third Cool Idea

This one isn’t craft related, unless you consider that my school and/or craft time gets interrupted. Rather than spending time whining, let me just say that certain [tag]telemarketers[/tag] need to get new list broker so they can quit wasting time calling me. I always say no, I never say yes, and if more telemarketers would use [tag]Martin Worldwide[/tag], I would not be on their lists, so they’d quit calling, so I could get on with my real life. See, one of the benefits of a company that finds and sells the names of proven spenders is that if you don’t spend, you aren’t on the list. So, I think it would be a really cool idea of all those direct sales companies used Martin, because then they would leave me alone!

Second Cool Idea

Now this is a product I could have used the other night. Remember I told you DaBaby not only did not sleep, but also wanted me to hold her? I was trying to be nice, so I didn’t mention that she was over-tired and cried a lot even when I was holding her. This led to much stopping and starting of the [tag]podcasts[/tag] we were listening to. But! If I had had a these noise reducing earbuds, I could have still heard Brenda and Lixie. I could have just used one, see, so I could hear her, too. Hmmm, I may have to think seriously about these [tag]earphones[/tag], because even if DaBaby is quiet, I am still usually listening to the fam’s tv show as well as my podcasts.

Cool Idea

Happy Saturday Morning to ya! I have several short ideas to tell you about, so if you are on the feed reader I apologize in advance. It’s all cool stuff, but instead of one long chatty post, I am going to post about a bazillion times. I know at least one person has their computer set to ding when I hit publish. Umm, sorry. And here we go!

Ok, I was thinking earlier this week about some storage issues. I have a problem with out of sight out of mind, and thought about some small shelves, or some of those tension fabric displays like you see at trade shows. Of course, I don’t have anywhere to put another set of shelves, or to set up trade show exhibits, but I really would like to get my fabrics and yarn out where they can be seen. I did see a footstool at WalMart yesterday that had storage in it. But, again, no room for them.

Maybe what I really need is a [tag]magic button[/tag]. Time to craft? Push the button, and the [tag]craft supplies[/tag] appear. All done for now, push it again, and boom, they are gone. The only problem with that is that I like to look at and fondle my fabrics and yarns even if I don’t have time to stitch. Oh, and also the magical part, but who need to stay rooted in reality all the time?

Online Craft Club Show and Tell #2

Welcome to the second edition of the [tag]Online Craft Club[/tag] [tag]Show and Tell[/tag]. I’d love it if you play along with me. Here’s what you do:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

I have had great difficulty deciding what to tell you about this week. Last night, I had fully decided to begin quilting the now pin-basted nine-patch quilt, and then show you what I had accomplished. But then DaBaby refused to take her normal evening nap when the rest of the fam went to football/cheering practice. And not only did she not nap, but she had to sit in my lap, because DaBaby, youngest of eight, does not play well alone. So we listened to podcasts and I stewed over my thwarted sewing.

And then, when the family came home, I threw my [tag]Otis[/tag] into the washer, and then I pinned it out, and it’s drying. I’ll put the buttons on it when it dries (and maybe add another picture :) ) and this sweater that I finished in April will be off the back of my chair–just in time for fall. you will note that I am dispensing with the silly straps and going with buttons, the large one for the visible side and the tiny one you probably can’t see for the not-to-be-seen. For heaven’s sake that collar is fancy-schmancy enough, doncha think?

IMG 0526 IMG 0528 IMG 0529

And coming soon:
IMG 0531
Just the sleeves to go!

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Friday! [tag]Online Craft Club[/tag]! [tag]Show and Tell[/tag]! And I still haven’t decided what to talk about. I do at least have it narrowed down to two options. I have carefully selected them because I have recently purchased all the materials to finish them. I have to be on a [tag]craft supply diet[/tag] for the rest of the month, or dh may just send me out to get a retail sales job, LOL!

Although…….maybe that’s not such a horrible thing. I could work in a craft store. Get a discount, get a paycheck, and let people who were shopping there use the potty. Heh. Too bad there isn’t a retail job in the nation that would pay me enough to afford all the childcare I’d need. Not to mention the second car. Or the fact, that I would spend all my pay at said craft store. Or…..well, never mind.

It came!!

My box from JOANN arrived yesterday. I now have batting for the blue quilt, yet more pins for basting, and more clamps for keeping the quilt rolls out of my way. Now, if I just had a couple more arms, and room for a floor stand, I’d be doing alright. Of course, more hours in my day would be extremely awesome as well.

So why did I need yet more pins? Here are some shots of me pinning out the purple quilt.

IMG 0480
IMG 0487
IMG 0505

That’s my queen size bed it’s on, and I used all SIXTY of my pins. FTR, I think from now on, I will go with my first impulse and use the kitchen table. The book I read a couple of days ago indicated that it would be ok to slide the quilt around after you started pinning as long as you made sure your layers stayed wrinkle free. That shot of me stretched way out with one arm under the quilt?? Gotta tell you that did NOT help my hurt shoulder. At all. Not a bit.

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