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Cass’s College of Crafts and 4 More Bite the Dust

That’s what I can do with all these [tag]WIPs[/tag], see. I can open a school like, only for crafting, not cooking. We could learn a variety of techniques (just like they do) by using a wide array of raw materials (just like they do) and make incredible displays of (eye) candy (just like they do). Fun, fun, fun. Just sign up in the comments. Send your tuition payments to ……

And also, four more pieces were trashed after the stains on them failed to come out in the wash,
IMG 0571 IMG 0573 IMG 0574 IMG 0576
and now there are just 32. More weeding will occur, to be sure.

41 WIPs

IMG 0569

of which 5 are hitting the garbage immediately:

IMG 0575IMG 0606IMG 0592 1IMG 0579IMG 0608

and 6 are in the washer, and I’ll decide after I see how they come out.

I think I’ll make a page. I’d laugh, but I am too thunderstruck!

So, do they have crafter’s clinics? Like drug rehabs for stitchers, ykwim? Cause this is just way too crazy! Like, insane.

How Big A Pile?

Ok, you said “do it”. Now, I have a lot or rearranging and digging to do. I bet I have enough to do a new one for the Online Craft Club every week for a quarter. At least. Speaking of, don’t forget! Friday is the day after tomorrow.

Hmm, guess that means I better get digging today! Soon!

What’s a Girl to do?

I tell you what I am thinking about doing: pulling all my [tag]wips[/tag] out of all my craft bins, [tag]yarn[/tag] baskets and assorted cubby holes. Seriously. I am considering pulling them all out, putting them on my bed and taking a picture. Of course, that would in turn lead to lots more pictures. I’m just waiting on the word. You hold the power, Dear Reader. Use it wisely.

Weekend recap

So, what did I do craft-wise this weekend? I sewed in 7 lines of quilting on the blue quilt, and then I ripped them out. I ripped back some knitting on a scrap blanket that I am going to convert into a crocheted log cabin, so It will be usable faster. I sewed the shoulder on Sonnet, and ripped it out. And sewed the shoulder on Sonnet, and ripped it out. And sewed the shoulder on Sonnet and ripped it out. And sewed the shoulder on Sonnet. Yeah, this weekend was a real rip! haha, I slay myself.

Okay, let’s switch gears. You know I pay attention to the placement of his blog on search engines. I look at the keywords people use to land here and try to write articles using keywords that mean something to crafters, so that when the search engines crawl this site, they find those words and report them to searchers. That’s just simple SEO. But today I was on a site that advocated making static pages as well as dynamic ones. I had a momentary inward groan at the amount of work that would entail, until I realized that WP contains a built in static page builder. I think of this blog as one page, a whole entity, as it were, but that’s not how Google views it at all. Each and every post, each monthly archive, and category archive is a page in Google’s eyes. I guess that explains why people land where they do when they come in off the search engines, LOL.

Eighth Cool Idea

I was just chatting with Ang., and she casually asked when we were going to London, and I jokingly said soon, and then I started thinking. Now, you maybe need to know that Ang. is not so much like me that I think of her as a “twin”, or “sister”. Ang. is so much like me that we occasionally call ourself Cassang*. So, here was my idea–you know how some companies make big bucks just planning [tag]craft trip[/tag]s, and you pay extra for that premium service of having the trip/tour catered to crafters?? We could totally do that! See we live many miles apart, and will actually meet for the first time IRL this November, but what if we made a yearly habit of getting together for a long weekend? Or even a week.

We could check out hotels in orlando, arrange a car rental and any attraction tickets we wanted through the same site, and then just pal around for a few days checking out the stuff that interested us. They have flights, too, and even whole vacation packages. So, umm, Ang. Orlando next year, or London?

*I have to be first. Do it the other way if you don’t believe me.

Seventh Cool Idea

In my quest for more time for [tag]crafts[/tag], I have entertained some pretty interesting ideas. I kept my family giggling not too long ago by telling them I was going to subdivide and one of me would do the laundry, one of me could cook, another of me would handle cleaning the toilets, and that would still leave one to stitch. Somehow, I just don’t think they were laughing with me, but only at me. Wonder if they’d still be laughing if I used human resources software to pass off all my [tag]chores[/tag] to them? Bwahahahahaha

Sixth Cool Idea

Hehe, how fortuitous. I just posted about that really cool desk, right? And did you notice the huge number at the end of that? And then the next thing I saw was this: [tag]budgeting software[/tag]. I really must confess though–if this software can help me figure out how to afford that desk, I am still probably not going to buy it. I think I can get a real good start on an entire craft room for that amount of money! Or at least of lot of soft, fluffy stuff. Either of those is way cooler way to spend that kind of money than a new desk.

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