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Eighth Cool Idea

I was just chatting with Ang., and she casually asked when we were going to London, and I jokingly said soon, and then I started thinking. Now, you maybe need to know that Ang. is not so much like me that I think of her as a “twin”, or “sister”. Ang. is so much like me that we occasionally call ourself Cassang*. So, here was my idea–you know how some companies make big bucks just planning [tag]craft trip[/tag]s, and you pay extra for that premium service of having the trip/tour catered to crafters?? We could totally do that! See we live many miles apart, and will actually meet for the first time IRL this November, but what if we made a yearly habit of getting together for a long weekend? Or even a week.

We could check out hotels in orlando, arrange a car rental and any attraction tickets we wanted through the same site, and then just pal around for a few days checking out the stuff that interested us. They have flights, too, and even whole vacation packages. So, umm, Ang. Orlando next year, or London?

*I have to be first. Do it the other way if you don’t believe me.

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