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Shopping Excitement

I went Monday to JOANN. I was there before they opened. This led to a discussion with the manager over the feasibility of not having public restrooms, and people driving 20 miles, and being there waiting on them to open, and spending money on a cartload of piece goods. She was not exactly thrilled, but it ended without me having to either pee on the floor or leave without my purchases, so I was satisfied.

So, here’s what I bought:

IMG 0477 1

I already have the fleece on the quilting hoop, along with the purple quilt top. Yes, there will be more pictures of that coming.

Here is a closeup of the fabric.

IMG 0478 1

Yes, I bought fat quarters. Because having another top already cut, and fabric for a couple more wasn’t enough. And also, because these bundles made me and my girls gasp with delight. They will likely move to the head of the cut and piece line, as soon as I finish the nine-patch top. Which should be today, btw.

And here are some buttons.

IMG 0479 1

They are, amazingly enough, for knitted sweaters. The heads are for Otis. Remember Otis? It’s been sitting on the back of my chair since I finished it in April, waiting to be blocked and have the ribbons attached. Umm, wow. Since April, ya’ll. The smaller ones are for Sonnet. I am prepared in advance for the moment of finishing, and hopefully it will not take four months to move from “finished” to actually done.

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