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Storage Idea

So, how was your weekend? I stayed busy, busy, busy. Saturday was a trip to Fort Caswell where this happened:
IMG 0622

And then from there it was out to the ball park where there was this:

IMG 0439

And then there was and a movie with the fam and this:

IMG 0605 1

Sunday was church, a nap and then shopping for this*:

IMG 0632

And also these:

IMG 0634

I got these to help with the organizing of the bazillion craft projects. I figured they’s be good sized for tool storage and also the materials. Especially for the cross-stitch, I think I could get the pattern, the piece and everything else I needed in there, too.

Today, I’ve been dentist-ing and cleaning. I do have a picture of the former, but I am saving it for a slow day. As for the latter, that’s why I can’t tell you if my storage idea works or not.

*Those are not my feet and those are not my shoes. They are, however, someone’s first high heels, so I thought they were worth a mention.

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