sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Bwhahahahahahah! I saw this today, and had a couple of good laughs. First at my own silly self, because my lack of booty is a serious joke in this house. I am so seriously without junk in the trunk. Or at least I was until last month, LOL!

Anyway, what I read was that BDUs make your butt look bigger. In fact, the actual words were “BeyoncĂ©-grade backside”. Now, I need you to know that I once wore BDUs daily, and I can attest that they are indeed enhancing. Unfortunately for me, when I wore Military Clothing, I was all about wanting to look less plush, not more. It was back in the day, when thin was all in, ykwim?

The second laugh came when I remembered Carla laughing at me when I was re-writing the HSY soaker pattern to add fullness to the bum. I called it bootilicious, not realizing there was a song out about that. I couldn’t figure out why she giggled everytime I said it. FTR, she laughed even harder after that.

Hmm, wonder if they still make them to fit me?

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