sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

More Cross-stitch Wips

IMG 0581
This one is supposed to become a cat. You’ll have to trust me on this. I’m aware it doesn’t look like one now, but it is indeed a cat. Will I finish it? Who knows.

IMG 0582
This would be the Mary that goes with the Baby Jesus in the last WIP post.

IMG 0589
Christmas stocking. Can’t you see the tree? Look harder, then, LOL!

IMG 0590
This one is a dragon and a castle. I started it for DH’s second daughter longer ago than I can now accurately pinpoint. It’s not very likely that I will finish this. I am not quite ready to make the break yet, but this vessel sinks just yards from the dock.

IMG 0593 1

This one is a Paula Vaughn with a wood swing and a quilt. Likelihood to finish is almost 100 percent, and it will likely move into the “hot box” after the carousel horse is done.

Oh! Don’t forget the Online Craft Club show and tell tomorrow. What will I talk about? Will it be one of these? Will it be something else you’ve already seen? Or have I been concentrating on a project you haven’t even heard about yet? These questions and more answered right here, tomorrow.

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