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Let’s Begin

I have no idea how many posts it will take, but it’s time to build a digital frame around the pictures of my crafty mess. I’ll talk about a few projects per post, and then use that info to build a page. Ok? ok! I was going to try to be all organized, but, uh, I think I’ll just talk about stuff more or less in the order I took the pictures. This first batch is all [tag]cross-stitch[/tag] projects. There will be several batches of cross-stitch projects. 8)

IMG 0570

This is the start of the Baby Jesus from a nativity set. I may or may not finish it, though I would love to have a soft (read that unbreakable) nativity. Crossstitching 15 itty bitty peple, however……. not so high on my list.

IMG 0572

Beach Scene, first of a set. I still love this piece, and I will finish it. I need to warm up on some other stuff first though, to get back in the swing of cross-stitching, because it’s on linen which is a little more difficult that working on Aida.

IMG 0577

Carousel horse. I started this one for TheClone back in the day. I’ll finish it, because she’ll still like it, and it’s too close to done not to compete it. Pretty much all that remains is to fill in the outline of the horse. After I find the pattern, or course. I think I have just decided to move this to the first tier.

IMG 0578

Wreath, part of a four season set. I think this is summer, but I am not positive. I don’t know if I will finish it or not, it depends on if I love it when I get to it.

IMG 0580

Wreath, I think. If I’m right in that, then it’s spring from the set I just mentioned, and those same notes apply.

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