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I am so pleased that ya’ll enjoyed the [tag]Online Craft Club[/tag]. I’d actually been thinking about it for quite sometime, but not doing anything about it. Mentioning it to Retta was a real catalyst there, and I appreciate her help with it. I am already trying to decide what to show Friday.

But that’s Friday, and let’s talk about today first. Jo asked in the comments how I found time to do crafty stuff. I don’t. For the past couple of years, I have been trying to find time to do what I find enjoyable, and as you can tell from my FO pages, it wasn’t happening. So now I am making time to do stuff I enjoy, and as you can see from the blog posts, stuff is flying off the needles–whatever kind of needle that may be. And I’m reading as well.

As for the days between now and Friday, I think I still owe you one post about pinning a quilt and one post about actually quilting, and maybe I’ll throw in one on crafty type goals, too. Oh, and I am expecting a box from JOANN in the mail. :)

No jewelry making supplies in there, in spite of Ann‘s encouragement. Just more stuff for quilts: batting, pins, clamps, [tag]quilting[/tag] needles and a new blade for my rotary cutter–mine got a nick in it.

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