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Cass Quilts

IMG 0375

This! is! my! quilt-top! It’s the first and only one I ever made, and it’s for Country. Frankly, I had forgotten how stunning it was until I unrolled it this morning. I have the fabric already for one in shades of green, for Diva. Unfortunately, I cannot find the book the pattern is in. I think I may have sold it.

I believe the book was called Weekend Quilts or some such, and the pattern had “blue” in the title.[tags]quilting[/tags]

Cass Cross-stitches

Oh, the [tag]cross-stitch[/tag] projects I found! there must have been five or six different ones. Some of them are now stained, and I will have to wash them to see if they can be salvaged before I finish them. If I can see to finish them, LOL. I only snapped a shot of this one. It’s a beach scene on linen.

IMG 0374

I’m ashamed

Hmmm, at 9:16 I posted to this blog, excited about starting the sewing cabinet. At 11:24 I posted the first of several posts detailing what I had found. And in the meantime, I had also been out to the shed and half unloaded it looking for school books. I can’t believe I put off doing this for so long! It’s like one of those folks who go with Baltimore Real Estate because of the valet trash service that picks up at your apartment door Monday through Friday. I remember laughing when I read that, and thinking how lazy it was, but really, it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Cass Cleans it up

Ok, ya’ll! Here it was:

IMG 0373
A jumbled up horrendous mess of crap.

And now, here it is:

IMG 0377

Pleasant and useful. A little track lighting and this [tag]sewing[/tag] cabinet would be just about poi-fect. I found projects already cut and ready to sew, ya’ll! I have about 4 posts to write about this hour long adventure. Lots of pictures! Hang on, here we go!


sewing cabinet
more later

Wedding Cameras

I spent some time today looking at some wedding cameras. When DH and I got married almost 15 years ago, the internet was not anywhere near as big as it is today. We thought ourselves lucky that our local party supply store had a small section of wedding stuff, and we made our own bird seed bags, and that was it. Fifteen years ago, the internet just wasn’t quite what it is today. Think smaller, simpler, and not as much fun. And wedding cameras?? No such animal. That is one thing I wish we’d had, because we have very few pictures of our big day.

Future Knitter Here

Ok, the schedule is done. And I see knitting in my future. Not a lot, but some, and on a regular basis. And other crafty type activities. Like daily. I’m happy. And also, cleaning the sewing cabinet will happen sooner rather than later! Because, I have things to make! Muhahahahahaha

No real point here

About the paint? I’m thinking it may be dry as early as tomorrow, but at least by next Monday. For now, I’m still dancing like water drops on preheated berndes cookware. Have you ever watched water skitter across the surface of a hot skillet? That’s how I feel, but it’s getting better. I did actually knit a few rows on Sonnet yesterday! I’m so close to being done with the back that I may just let us watch a movie this afternoon, so I can knit. Is that cheating? I don’t think that’s cheating. It’s creative thinking, and creative thinking is good!

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