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Scientifically Speaking

I am combining our Nature Study and Science Experiments into this post, and I’ll throw Math in, too. Math=Abeka. There, that’s done :)

Stuntman asked to study stars this term, so our focus will be astronomy. He originally said flowers, but I asked him to let’s wait and do that one in the spring, because I think it will be more fun then. Since it will be getting dark earlier, I’m hoping we can do some observation. We’ll check some books out from the library, and I’ll read the astronomy section out of the Comstock book so I can present the material to them. I may or may not read sections of it to them, we’ll see how it goes. We’ll do this on Tuesdays.

On Thursdays, we’ll do an experiment from the Telling Time by the Stars or Explorations in Outer Space sections of the experiment book. I’m thinking we’ll do some on the moon and planets as well. I’m making a note to look in the library for books, and also find some other experiment materials–you can read that as one of those planetary model kits.

I’ll also be making it a point to go outside and observe the skies.

Diva will also be reading It Couldn’t Just Happen.


Our homeschool adventure is based (somewhat loosely) on the program laid out by the wonderful folks at Ambleside Online. I do take quite a few liberties because of the number of students I teach, but I think that’s certainly allowable.

We are also using Learning Language Arts Through Literature again this year for Country, Diva and Stuntman, grey, purple and orange respectively. LLATL covers grammar, reading, vocabulary, spelling, writing, poetry, research, etc. Of course, we do way more reading than LLATL calls for because ….we can. When I had fewer students, it was easier for me to write up a LA program for them, but now that I have so many, I’d need to invest more time than it’s worth, so we just order the books.

It’s Here!

It came!! The batting I told you about just a few hours ago is here! And NO, I am not done with all the stuff I have to wanted to get done before I start working on the quilt. I am now very tempted to book one of those Cheap Disney World Vacation Packages. Not for me, ya’ll. For THEM. I could send the family to the always exciting, ever changing, never boring, constantly changing Orlando, and I could stay home and sew. And knit. And stuff. And stitch. They’ll have Minnie, Mickey, and the whole Goofy gang, I’ll have my fabric and fiber and we’ll all be happy.


Did I mention I ordered the batting for my quilt? And also pins. And I got notice yesterday that my order had shipped. So now, while some people are dreaming of caribbean cruises, I am dreaming of getting my work done so I can sew some of those smaller projects, so I can work on the quilt. Except that the list of stuff I have to do before I can play keeps multiplying, and I hardly think that’s fair.

Feeling silly

You know there are a lot of us here, us and our 18 feet, so here is a little giggle for you. If we, as a family, begin to collect sea shells and sell them to tourists, does that make us a commercial collection agency? No? Sigh. Ya’ll make my life so hard sometimes! Ya big meanies! ;P

No Wedding Ideas

I was totally going to use this space to talk about the wedding gowns I just looked at on the site. Like most females, I enjoy looking at wedding gowns. I think it’s genetic, yk? Comes with that girl chromosome. But I can’t do that because, the site that wants you to rely on them for all your Wedding Ideas wants me to register before I can see a single gown. That really makes me angry. I can buy wedding favors, I can shop for registry items and I can even look at invitations without registering. Consider this my formal complaint!

Please let me in. By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, I want to see that dress that looked like it was spun with icing! Please!

She likey!

IMG 0415I had an opportunity to review some Air Jordan replicas recently, and with 18 feet here in the house, I thought that might be a good thing to do, LOL! Since I could not decide which of the children would get fancy schmancy new shoes, I decided to order some for myself. I waited with great trepidation for the box to arrive, and yesterday, it finally came. All the way from China, ya’ll!

IMG 0416I opened the box, and it was pretty dissapointing. I’d ordered an 8 because half sizes were not available, and I needed a 7.5. I thought the shoes would be too big as soon as I saw them, and I was right. And also sad. BUT! Country came in and in this breathless little voice she said “are those for me?”. And I said, “uhhhhh, yeah!” (I’m quick ya’ll–*snort*) They fit her! And she’s one happy gal today!

Mooooom, I broke it!

Diva just broke the needle in my sewing machine. She was so afraid I was going to be angry. In truth, I break needles all the time. I don’t know why, but it really does seem that I have to replace them more often than I ever remember Grandmother doing. What I need is a diamond. Not a diamond ring, but a diamond tipped sewing machine needle. Do they even make such a thing? Seems like if diamonds can write on glass, they ought to be able to stitch through fabric without snapping. After all, diamonds are forever, right?

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