sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


I visited a site today that I had seen before that handles live land auctions. If it was not this one, it was one amazingly like it, and while I was looking at it, I was thinking and playing with ideas, and it just occurred to me SHEEP. Free wool. Well, not free, but you know, wool. Probably more expensive all told than what you pay now, but! The shearing, the carding, the spinning, the dyeing, the knitting, the wearing, it’s all YOU. Everything but the growing, although maybe if you feed them you can even take credit for that.

Ok, I admit to being silly. I’m still doing that up early thing. The kitchen sinks are done, though the toilets could still use some attention, and I need to do a bit more on the laundry yet.

And OH! I just totally whacked a baseball almost out of the yard. Twice.

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