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How to sew on a button

IMG 0386Let’s have a pictorial!! I love pictorials, don’t you? Especially when they help hide that fact that not a whole lot has been finished lately. I’m demonstrating this on a shirt, because that’s what needed attention, but the same principles apply to sewing buttons on your knitwear. Here you see the finished button, and its no surprise, right? Just alternate your stitching in an x pattern for a four-hole button, until it feels secure. IMG 0381All the magic takes place after this part is done. After you finish the sewing on of the button, bring your needle back up to the top, as close as you can to the area you’ve worked, but do not go through the button.

Now, take the needle, and use it to wrap the thread several times tightly around the stitches you made to hold the button on. What you are doing here is creating a shank, which makes the button easier to button and unbutton, reinforces the stitches, and also prevents excess wear on the shirt (especially if you, or someone you love might perhaps benefit from investigating hoodia). Pretty nifty reward system for an extra 10 seconds, huh? Drive the needle back through, and tie off as usual.
IMG 0383

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