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How to make a T-Shirt Dress

Remember your supply list? You’ll need a t-shirt, an desired embellishments, and enough fabric for a skirt. I used about a yard in this child’s dress. You want a loose, flowing skirt, so if in doubt, just check a pattern to find out about how much you need.
IMG 0389

The first thing you need to do is hem the skirt fabric. I just turned mine up to the inside twice, and stitched it in place. Then, join the fabric in a circle. Finally, mark the quarter and halfway points of your fabric circle, and baste it loosely. Gather this edge.

At this point, you may have to trim your tee to make sure you end up with the length you want. I cut this shirt off just a bit under the arms. With right sides together, join the shirt and the skirt, like so:
IMG 0390

You can see the skirt coming out of the neck of the shirt.

And finally, enjoy!
IMG 0411 1

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