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Credit Cards

I’ve been doing mucho shopping lately. Maybe you’ve noticed that, though. I don’t write checks and I don’t shop with cash. I never know what I will find and how much it will cost. Since I have a very hard time finding things that fit, when I am in a shopping mood I have a singular rule: if I like it and it fits, I buy it. I use a credit card for most of my shopping. It happens to be my mom’s, and I just send her paypal to cover my part of the bill. I’m very glad that Mama is a comparison shopper. My purchases are interest free as long as I pay off the balance each month. If I don’t then the interest is reasonable, though I haven’t carried a balance on that card yet, and don’t intend to.

I think I am mostly done shopping for now, though I may get a few more lipsticks (loving that 16 hour stuff), and a couple more church dresses. That doesn’t mean I am through talking about shopping, or even looking at stuff. It just means I am pausing in my active spending for a bit.


Did you guys know KMart has purchased Sears? Or Sears has purchased KMart? Regardless, they are now the same company. I haven’t heard much about it in the news, but I have an “inside source”, and I can assure you that it is true. When we went shopping Saturday….oops back up!

(We went shopping Saturday, my mom and I, for a few more things for me. I got shorts and skorts and two very nice dresses. The shorts and skorts went back, the dresses I kept and now, I am caught up to the end of the last paragraph ans shall continue……..)

my mom and I noticed that they actually have some of the same clothes. The labels on the inside have a different name, but the fabric and style are the same. Of course the price at Sears is a couple of price points higher than at KMart.

The shorts that went back just did not fit the way I like clothes to look on me, and I did not see any point in keeping clothes that did not make me look and feel great. The skorts, however, I just needed a different size. But, they did not have that size at Sears. Mama found them at KMart, though, in several different colors. On sale, even.

I’ll be having to resew the inside buttons on them before I trust them because they are just looser than I like. I like a sturdy button (probably because I wear jeans so much) and these just feel like they could pop right off. But at just over $10 per skort, I’ll put on the button, ykwim?

Sockity, Hockity, Literature, Ride

Worked a bit on the sock outside this morning, and a bit on Hocks while the boys read to me. Slow, slow progress on all fronts. Well, not all fronts: I’m still on the back of Sonnet. Sigh. I actually planning to be subversive this Sunday and Monday. I think a road trip calls for it’s own project, don’t you? Mmmhmmm. It will just about have to be sock, I think. We’ll see. I am so sleepy right now that I can’t make valid knitting decisions.

Seasonal Discomfort

hmmph! I took Hocks outside today and worked on it, as I have been doing. Alas, it will probably be the last time I do that for several months. Unless I start getting up and going out at 6AM. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Totally. Or, you know, not, cause me and 6AM??? Not friends. Barely even acquaintances. That’s great news for those of you waiting on the sock pattern, though!

I’m a little disappointed, truly, because I had set a goal, and now that goal will have to be adjusted. My goal was not as high as that of Dr. Carla Thomas, the Capella University student who wants to be Surgeon General of the US, but it was my goal, and important to me. She was featured recently on the Inside Online Education podcast.

What, you thought I only listened to knitting podcasts?? Tsk, tsk. I’m a multi-faceted girl, and my taste in podcasts reflects that! Which is a very good thing for me, and for Hocks, since it’s now relegated to inside, late at night stitching.

Assorted Knitting Stuff

How do you measure your knitting progress? I discovered this weekend, that I tend to measure my progress by the number of balls I use. I found this out because even though Hocks is growing nicely, I’m discontented with my “progress”. I didn’t count that yarn coming in, because it was only partial balls, so I’m not counting it going out. Did you notice that there was no yarn report for June? It’s because I didn’t feel like I’d done enough to warrant one. I think I need to get a better mental inventory management system, because knitting is knitting, right? (I really set myself up for this when I did my 101 things list. I’m thinking of my yarn in terms of stuff I have to use instead of stuff that allows me to be creative. I’m still committed to using it, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to get so much if of it again that I need a warehouse management system to deal with it. Although, come to think of it, I did apply to ravelry the other night, and it would qualify, right? I mean, it’s not on the scale of F. Curtis Barry & Company or anything, but yarn it can handle.) Anyway how do you determine your progress? Do you find yourself measuring your stash, or your WIPs?

Footies and other disasters

Sigh. I was putting away diapers this morning, and found one of my hand knit soakers in there. It was the one I extended the waistband on last month so it would fit DaBaby again. It’s clean, thoroughly washed and dried, and now fits a newborn. I am NOT a happy camper just now.

On the sock front: the heel is in sock number two, and I am working down the foot of it. It’s my car project.

On the future sock front, I need footies. I’ve decided that shorts look ridiculous with long socks, and so I shall make myself some footies. The good news for me is that I can get a pair of footies AND a pair of regular length socks from one big ball/two small balls of sock yarn. Go me and I rock, etc.

I’d go there for yarn

Quite some time ago, I was desperate for some particular sock yarn, and I could not find it locally, so I ended up ordering it from Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions. The yarn I wanted was Opal but I ordered some Trekking at the same time, and if I remember correctly, it’s the ball that’s sitting in my waiting basket right now.

I was reminded of that order tonight when I was talking about Amsterdam Hotel Bookings with Ang. I joked that it would be worth going to Amsterdam just to get to Astrid’s shop, LOL! Seriously, there is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that most normal people would not even consider the addition of yarn into the enticements to be rational behavior. OTOH, knitters are not known for their rationality when it comes to yarn porn, now, are they?

You know Amsterdam is very small, almost village like, and in the summer the flowers are riotous, and the cafes put chairs and tables outside. I can totally see flocks of knitters strolling through the antique shops, art galleries and museums, knitting round and round and round on DPNs with limited edition Opal procured from Astrid.

The Empress has new clothes Scavenger Hunt

So, I spent some money last night on travel. I’m not going to a Miami cooking school, but I am going to Vegas in a few mnths and it’s time I moved into the 21st century, at least clothing-wise. So, I got some new shoes and some duds. I think we’ll do a little [tag]scavenger hunt[/tag] thing, though, and you’ll find different pictures pertaining to my purchases across several of my blogs today. Here’s the first one and it’s the new clothes!

IMG 0136

I’ve been eyeballing that skirt for a couple of months, and the pink striped shirt just called my name. I don’t care so much for the just brown stripes, but it’s a good match for both the bottoms. I think my favorite is the plaid skort. It was the only one like it in the store, and I found it on the returns rack in the dressing room area. You know the one benefit of having no behind to speak of? I can plaster that puppy in plaid! I love, love, love plaid. Love it!

I did take Diva and Country with me, and each time they asked for something, I said “Sorry girls, this trip is all about me.” To their credit, they didn’t fuss. Much. The next part of the scavenger hunt will be posted on DigiCass.

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