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A little peek-a-boo

I am just going to slip a little teaser in here for you. I’m getting there, really. This coming week, I promise. k? k!
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I’ve just done one of the best things I can possibly do for this site in terms of SEO. It’s also the one I have the most trouble remembering to do. I want to be on the first page of Google for all possible combinations of those words, see, and using those words in the title tells Google that those words are important words on this site. My work is cut out for me, though, because I am not even on the first three pages of results for “knitting blog”. I do however own my name. If you search on Cass, I am on the front page with this blog, ranking even above Cass Elliot. That’s because when people link to me, they generally link to me as “Cass” and not as “knitting blog”. Heh, I can live with that.

One way to improve my rankings would be to use the seo services of a company like I read over their SEO Ranking Tips and was pleased to see that I’m already doing a few of those things. I can do it for other’s, too. For instance, if I talk about a project someone is working on, I could type: Sally is making a lace scarf. Instead of linking the keyword “Sally”, I could link the phrase “lace scarf”. Google reads that as me equating her site (or post, depending on which I link to) with lace scarf. If enough people do that, eventually Sally will start ranking higher for lace scarf. A similar thing happened to me when I made the pinwheel sweater last year. I';m not sure who was doing the linking, but evidently, it was quite a few folks, because the links combined with my own use of the phrase in my post titles combined to place me in the top 20 results for that term. At one point, I ranked higher than the pattern, which I found pretty amusing.

And now that I have re-visited that, I’m thinking it may be time to cast on another one. I have the yarn for it, remember?


I really hate it when I make silly mistakes. You know how sometimes you just read the pattern wrong? The you look back at your piece, and things are not like they are supposed to be, and you realize you have to fix them? Yeah, I hate that.

Let’s start some socks!

Grab you needles, and yarn, and let’s do something. I used Elann Espirit Print and 3mm needles. Cast on 64 stitches and work 6 rounds garter. I actually worked 6 rows, and sewed the small seam when I was done. Work the following lace pattern 4 times per round on every odd round:
k0k0k//kk\k0k0k where k= knit, 0= yarn over, /= knit 2 together, = slip, slip, knit. Knit the even rounds plain, and continue this for 60 rounds, or the desired cuff link.

Don’t adjust the cast on number down, unless you are knitting for a child, I know it seems HUGE, but you need to trust me on this. You need this many stitches to fit over the heel and ankle. Just think of it like the custom drafting table Versa made. They needed to fit 60 students in a computer lab, so they altered their basic adjustable table plan to make it work. We have to fit an ankle through a sock with not much stretch, and so we’re altering our basic pattern. And if you have very thick ankles, or knit very tightly, cast on a few more, in multiples of four, and add one more k to each double-k group for each extra multiple of four that you cast on.

I’ll try to post the rest of the pattern before you get the leg knit, ok?

The socks are done!

Except for weaving in about 3 ends! I finished them up on the way to Charlotte Sunday afternoon. And then I promptly cast on a pair of footies, but not from the Trekking. I’ll get the pattern up shortly to the Fan and Feather socks. I’m too muddle headed right now to try to do that. I need to sleep at least one whole night, since I’ve had three partials in a row, LOL.

I had a great time at Carowinds. Our youth pastor is an excellent trip planner, and works hard to make sure everyone has a good time, including the chaperones. I rode over with his wife (I’ve known her longer than I’ve known him) but I rode back in the bus/van and had fun chatting with the kids. He is so on-the-spot with them. Whenever, whereever they have a question, he’s willing to sit and explain things to them.

I really should do a short write-up on Carowinds for the folks at RealTravel. They don’t have anything listed for “Things to Do” in Charlotte! Seriously, how can they not know about Carowinds??

Update on TheClone

I mentioned that TheClone had moved back to Colorado. At least I think I did. She moved back in with her grandparents in June, with intentions of going to school there. I haven’t talked to her much since she left, but she was chatting online with Diva a couple of days ago, and mentioned that shopping for her own food and paying rent was stressful. She recently moved into an apartment with a friend, see. I guess she’s glad she’s paying Colorado Springs rental rates instead of dealing with the Denver CO real estate market, which is even spendier.

I still miss my girl, ya’ll. I guess there is a bright side, though. I keep finding random balls of yarn stuck in odd places. Just this morning, it was some Austermann Step. I’ll use a bit for Hocks, and put the rest in the bin of things that I am slowly filling with things she left here that I think she’ll want eventually. It’s yarn she used to make a single sock, which also resides in that bin. Yeah, I said single. She’s that kind of knitter.

Practical Purls Baltimore Locksmith

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car? Dh and I did that one time when we were away from home, and we had to call a locksmith to get into it for us. Country and Diva were fascinated by the process, but it was a trick trying to explain to them that it wasn’t illegal for this this guy to “break into our van”, but it was still illegal for anyone else to do so. I have to say nothing will make you feel quite so stupid as looking at your keys dangling from the ignition of your rolled up-locked up vehicle.

Should you ever find yourself feeling stupid like that, you may need to call a Baltimore Locksmith. You may need to call one in other cities, too, and you can locate one at the same site. Just click on the logo in the top left corner, and then use the map on the next page to pinpoint your area. If you are really frantic, just call 1-888-452-4955.

The Tipping Point

I’ll bet those of you who work on multiple projects at a time already know what I am going to talk about. It’s the point where suddenly the end is in site, where a project becomes the project, and I have reached it on the socks. I have just 24 rounds and a toe left. They should be finished sometime tomorrow. That means you can expect a pattern early next week if not over the weekend.

It also means that I definitely need a new traveling sock project 😉 I’m looking at about 6 hours of car time this weekend, at least half of which will be daylight. Oh, and then there will be downtime on Sunday afternoon, as well. I’m actually eyeballing this ball of trekking that I mentioned the other day thinking I could get maybe 3 pair of footies out of it if I hit the repeats just right, LOL! I have not made up my mind yet, though, so we shall see.

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