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Game time?

I have another question. How much space do you really need to enjoy a game system? Like do we have room in our 10×10 of open floor space in the living room for a Wii? Or do I need to look at a PS2? Our living room is larger than that, of course, but that’s the mount of open space I have after the furniture. And I’m not actually really sure I even want a game system, since I already think we spend too much time sitting as it is. I’m just not sure making the tv even more appealing is a good idea. I’ve been playing card games and such with the children, and we all enjoy that. Would there be more or less interaction with a game system? Umm, never mind, I’ve talked myself right out of this. Unless someone somewhere makes a game system than 7 people can play at once, I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Footie report

Almost done! I have 50 plus of the 60ish round foot done. It’s going to take me just over one full repeat to get the footie done. I’m not quite sure how that will work, but I may end up with 2 pair of footies, or I may end up with one pair of footies, and one pair of half solid-half colorful socks. Hmm, would you do colorful feet, or colorful legs????? Or would you make a pair of kid socks?

Emerge Skin Care

I have become a makeup maven, ya’ll. I am enjoying playing with the different colors of bluch and eyeshadow, and lipsticks and, and, and you get the point. But playing with make-up also means I am paying more attention to skin care because *whisper* I’ll get zits if I don’t.

I’ve also had a couple of not-so-amusing moments regarding my face. I looked at my eyes the other day, and thought “man, that’s like really puffy. I should get something for that.” And then I thought, “oh, but I don’t want to be the kind of woman that needs eye cream. Ewwwwwwwwwww!” tap, tap. Reality check, I am the kind of woman who needs eye cream. The only question is: what am I going to do about it?

I came really close to ordering an eye cream sample this morning. In fact, the only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t want to pay for shipping. This whole Emerge Skin Care line intrigues me, because it’s natural with no synthetic chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. I like being able to pronounce the stuff I put on my face. Call me crazy if you must.

Fan and Feather Sock Pattern

IMG 0231Cast on 64 stitches and work 6 rounds garter. I actually worked 6 rows, and sewed the small seam when I was done. Work the following lace pattern 4 times per round on every odd round:
k0k0k//kk\k0k0k where k= knit, 0= yarn over, /= knit 2 together, = slip, slip, knit. Knit the even rounds plain, and continue this for 60 rounds, or the desired cuff link.

Work a Sherman Heel with 34 stitches, decreasing to 12.

You’ll keep the lace pattern going over the top of the foot and the bottom will be plain stockinette. After finishing the heel, begin to decrease 2 stitches on the bottom of the foot on every other round until 24 stitches remain there, for a total of 56 stitches, or the number of stitches you typically use for your socks.

When the sock covers the little toe, skip the yarn overs in the next lace round. This will drop your stitches to 24. You’ll have to adjust this if you have altered the stitch count suggested above, so that you have the same number of stitches on the top and bottom of the sock. Now, begin to work in stockinette and decrease 4 stitches every other round until the sock is long enough to cover your toes, an kitchener closed.

Don’t adjust the cast on number down, unless you are knitting for a child, I know it seems HUGE, but you need to trust me on this. You need this many stitches to fit over the heel and ankle. And if you have very thick ankles, or knit very tightly, cast on a few more, in multiples of four, and add one more k to each double-k group for each extra multiple of four that you cast on.
IMG 0232

Consuming Hands?

Ok, this title was a stretch, I admit it. But I had a theme going, see. I wanted to work it, ykwim? So, just quit giggling and listen a minute. If you like to let manufacturers know your opinions, I urge you to check out They are a market research company, and they are always looking for new voices. I’ve enjoyed working with them for the past few years.

Typing Hands?

I have been meaning to get the HSY Everything pattern up on this site for quite a while, ever since Carla and I let the hosting expire. Neither of us really have the time to devote to the biz anymore, yet people are still searching for the pattern. And of course, I have the sock pattern in progress as well, and a couple I haven’t mentioned yet. I finally got around to emailing her and asking for the photo we used for the front page this morning, and I also checked out this PDF Converter.

With the converter, I can type in word, and then convert to PDF when I am done. I want to do it that way, because as Carla and I discovered the hard way, not everyone can read each version of Word, but everyone can read PDFs. At one point, before we made the PDF, I had several versions of the pattern on my machine, and I just emailed out different versions until the purchaser got one they could open. That was real professional. Or, you know, not.

Anyway, this CC PDF Converter will also allow me to put a creative commons license on my patterns. That’s pretty nifty in my book, because I want a copyright even on the patterns I am giving away. I’m hoping to get on this today. After I do the laundry, fix the categories on things, add my sites to link the planet, make sure my tlas are sitewide, program scribefire and live writer………… umm, yeah. I’ll get to it.

Dry Hands?

8 oz giab

I told you I had gotten a couple of cool things in the mail, yes? Yes. Check this out! It’s called Gloves in a Bottle, and it makes my hands feel so good! My hands get really dry from knitting, and in fact, sometimes they are so dry that they will actually catch and snag yarn. If that’s happened to you, you know it’s more than an inconvenience, it’s actually painful. It’s like the wool just sucks the juice right out of my hands. When I use this Gloves in a Bottle, it’s like…well, just what it says, LOL! My hands are soft and silky, and it’s like I’ve put on a pair of fine gloves. It works by sealing my skin. The good moisture stays inside, instead of being lost to the air, and that same seal keeps environmental yuckies out of my skin. I don’t know all that much about the science part, I just know how my hands feel now and how they felt before I used it.

IMG 0239 1Now, I am not greedy. I have a full size bottle, and I also have three samples. If you would like to try this miracle lotion, let me know, and I’ll send you one, so you can try it for yourself.

Sore hands?

I received something in the mail the other day that may interest some of you. It certainly interested me. In fact, I’ve received a couple of things in the mail recently that I need to tell you about, LOL! But we’ll start with this:

freeze it
Now, don’t you groan and roll your eyes at me Miss Sweet Young Knitter. If you ever knit beyond the limits of normal human endurance, then you need to try some of this Freeze It. I have gotten caught up in a project (remember the buttonhole bags I recently did? yeah, those for instance) and knit way past when I should have stopped. I’ve knit until my hands were cramped and locked in the “knitting positon”. Freeze It is a joint and muscle pain reliever, and it works really well. So far I’ve not used it on my hands because I’ve not been knitting all that much since I got it. But I have put it on my knee, and Diva has used it on her neck with great results. (ha, she slept on the floor the night before Carowinds, then spent a good portion of the day rocketing through the air at 50plus miles an hour–she was a bit stiff on Tuesday.) (My knee is just old, so no interesting story there.)

I’ve read this compared to BioFreeze, but since I have not used that product, I can’t jump on that bandwagon. What I can compare it to is IcyHot, which smells to high heaven, feels slimy and sticks to my clothes and actually burns my skin. In contrast, the fragrance from Freeze It is mild and pleasant, it’s not greasy, and while it warms, it does not burn. It costs around 10 bucks for a four ounce tube, and a little dab will do you. You can also get it in roll-on, though *cough*, the hands appreciate rubbing it into your other body parts *cough cough* 40 years old this month *cough cough*.

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