sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Got Yarn?

I forgot to mention when I showed the picture of Hocks that i am soliciting donations or it. If you have leftover washable sock yarn, could I get you to send it to me? It takes about 10 yards for a small square and 40 for a large one, so you can see that scraps are perfect for this. I’ll pay for the postage, if you have some you are willing to send. Just leave me a comment, and I’ll send you my address.

And now I want to address my Practical Purls. I’m getting older, ya’ll. Last Friday night, I was up until 3AM writing and posting. The resulting posts were rather flat if I do say so myself, so I think a change is in order. I’d rather spread them out through the week, and give you better quality content. I addressed this in some detail over on Midlife Musings yesterday, and actually got a few diggs on it.

Accordingly, here’s a brief word:

Having quality telecommunications equipment is something any company can do, but what separates them is the service. What’s great about First Point is that not only are they a top telecom reseller, but they offer warranties, repair services, and a range of telecom cables and accessories. They really do offer the full package. With a company like First Point, you can make one call to one company and get all of your needs met, instead of having to call multiple places to fix your needs.

I worked a bit on the sock and Sonnet Saturday night. The sock is ready for the heel now, and the back of the sweater is moving right along. We’re going out this afternoon, and if I can get the heel into that sock before we go, I’ll be taking it with me. Hocks is on the hairy edge of too big to travel, and so I need something a bit more portable. If I don’t get the heel put it, I’ll probably take Sonnet.

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