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Advise me, please

I’ve almost decided that DH is getting a new TV for Christmas. My motives are purely selfish, I confess. I want a new set, but since he’s been wanting one longer, I can buy it “for him”, look like a hero, and still get what I want. Wicked, aren’t I? I’m looking at a list of the best lcd tvs, and getting a little overwhelmed. (Little?? hahaha, no I am majorly out of my league). So, I’m asking for your help here.

My budget is in the $500 range, and my current entertainment center can house a set 26 inches in height or width. I’m not in love with the entertainment center, so I’m more flexible than that indicates, unless I have to buy a new entertainment center. That’s where the flexibility ends, because I’m not doing that. So, do you know of a totally awesome tv? Please tell me about it!

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