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Update on TheClone

I mentioned that TheClone had moved back to Colorado. At least I think I did. She moved back in with her grandparents in June, with intentions of going to school there. I haven’t talked to her much since she left, but she was chatting online with Diva a couple of days ago, and mentioned that shopping for her own food and paying rent was stressful. She recently moved into an apartment with a friend, see. I guess she’s glad she’s paying Colorado Springs rental rates instead of dealing with the Denver CO real estate market, which is even spendier.

I still miss my girl, ya’ll. I guess there is a bright side, though. I keep finding random balls of yarn stuck in odd places. Just this morning, it was some Austermann Step. I’ll use a bit for Hocks, and put the rest in the bin of things that I am slowly filling with things she left here that I think she’ll want eventually. It’s yarn she used to make a single sock, which also resides in that bin. Yeah, I said single. She’s that kind of knitter.

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