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The Tipping Point

I’ll bet those of you who work on multiple projects at a time already know what I am going to talk about. It’s the point where suddenly the end is in site, where a project becomes the project, and I have reached it on the socks. I have just 24 rounds and a toe left. They should be finished sometime tomorrow. That means you can expect a pattern early next week if not over the weekend.

It also means that I definitely need a new traveling sock project 😉 I’m looking at about 6 hours of car time this weekend, at least half of which will be daylight. Oh, and then there will be downtime on Sunday afternoon, as well. I’m actually eyeballing this ball of trekking that I mentioned the other day thinking I could get maybe 3 pair of footies out of it if I hit the repeats just right, LOL! I have not made up my mind yet, though, so we shall see.

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