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Sore hands?

I received something in the mail the other day that may interest some of you. It certainly interested me. In fact, I’ve received a couple of things in the mail recently that I need to tell you about, LOL! But we’ll start with this:

freeze it
Now, don’t you groan and roll your eyes at me Miss Sweet Young Knitter. If you ever knit beyond the limits of normal human endurance, then you need to try some of this Freeze It. I have gotten caught up in a project (remember the buttonhole bags I recently did? yeah, those for instance) and knit way past when I should have stopped. I’ve knit until my hands were cramped and locked in the “knitting positon”. Freeze It is a joint and muscle pain reliever, and it works really well. So far I’ve not used it on my hands because I’ve not been knitting all that much since I got it. But I have put it on my knee, and Diva has used it on her neck with great results. (ha, she slept on the floor the night before Carowinds, then spent a good portion of the day rocketing through the air at 50plus miles an hour–she was a bit stiff on Tuesday.) (My knee is just old, so no interesting story there.)

I’ve read this compared to BioFreeze, but since I have not used that product, I can’t jump on that bandwagon. What I can compare it to is IcyHot, which smells to high heaven, feels slimy and sticks to my clothes and actually burns my skin. In contrast, the fragrance from Freeze It is mild and pleasant, it’s not greasy, and while it warms, it does not burn. It costs around 10 bucks for a four ounce tube, and a little dab will do you. You can also get it in roll-on, though *cough*, the hands appreciate rubbing it into your other body parts *cough cough* 40 years old this month *cough cough*.

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