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Might have a problem or two

I worked a bit on Sonnet last night and finished a ball into it. I’m 20 rows past the halfway point of the back, and I’ve used 4 balls. I have six left. This is supposed to be a long sleeved sweater, ya’ll. And it’s properly aged, iykwim. I won’t be able to get more. I’m glad that I’ll be able to at least finish the body, and get some sleevage. I’ll just pick up and knit down as opposed to knitting separately and seaming as the pattern calls indicates. So that’s my first problem.

Here’s problem number two: I have a computer question for you, specifically a laptop question. I’ve noticed that if I close it, the computer goes to sleep, as it should, and it’s waiting for me when I come back. But if I leave it open, it does something else entirely. It looks asleep, but I can’t wake it up, and end up having to power fail it, which makes windows unhappy. Can someone explain why that is, and how I can make it respond? I can’t just consult the documentation because it’s not in there.

You know how some companies use offshore software development services? Well, my laptop is an Acer, and I’m pretty sure that some application development outsourcing happened with it. While the computer works great, and everything runs as it should, the documentation leaves a bit to be desired. I only got a thin book explaining what all the buttons do, and nothing on how to tweak the sleep settings.

And while I am here, does anyone know how to tweak the orbicam? I can take vids but not stills. I used to be able to take stills but not vids, so I know it’s capable of doing both, and that’s what I’d like to do. Again, it’s a documentation issue.

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