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Let’s start some socks!

Grab you needles, and yarn, and let’s do something. I used Elann Espirit Print and 3mm needles. Cast on 64 stitches and work 6 rounds garter. I actually worked 6 rows, and sewed the small seam when I was done. Work the following lace pattern 4 times per round on every odd round:
k0k0k//kk\k0k0k where k= knit, 0= yarn over, /= knit 2 together, = slip, slip, knit. Knit the even rounds plain, and continue this for 60 rounds, or the desired cuff link.

Don’t adjust the cast on number down, unless you are knitting for a child, I know it seems HUGE, but you need to trust me on this. You need this many stitches to fit over the heel and ankle. Just think of it like the custom drafting table Versa made. They needed to fit 60 students in a computer lab, so they altered their basic adjustable table plan to make it work. We have to fit an ankle through a sock with not much stretch, and so we’re altering our basic pattern. And if you have very thick ankles, or knit very tightly, cast on a few more, in multiples of four, and add one more k to each double-k group for each extra multiple of four that you cast on.

I’ll try to post the rest of the pattern before you get the leg knit, ok?

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