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I’ve just done one of the best things I can possibly do for this site in terms of SEO. It’s also the one I have the most trouble remembering to do. I want to be on the first page of Google for all possible combinations of those words, see, and using those words in the title tells Google that those words are important words on this site. My work is cut out for me, though, because I am not even on the first three pages of results for “knitting blog”. I do however own my name. If you search on Cass, I am on the front page with this blog, ranking even above Cass Elliot. That’s because when people link to me, they generally link to me as “Cass” and not as “knitting blog”. Heh, I can live with that.

One way to improve my rankings would be to use the seo services of a company like I read over their SEO Ranking Tips and was pleased to see that I’m already doing a few of those things. I can do it for other’s, too. For instance, if I talk about a project someone is working on, I could type: Sally is making a lace scarf. Instead of linking the keyword “Sally”, I could link the phrase “lace scarf”. Google reads that as me equating her site (or post, depending on which I link to) with lace scarf. If enough people do that, eventually Sally will start ranking higher for lace scarf. A similar thing happened to me when I made the pinwheel sweater last year. I';m not sure who was doing the linking, but evidently, it was quite a few folks, because the links combined with my own use of the phrase in my post titles combined to place me in the top 20 results for that term. At one point, I ranked higher than the pattern, which I found pretty amusing.

And now that I have re-visited that, I’m thinking it may be time to cast on another one. I have the yarn for it, remember?

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