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Look at Hocks

Here’s what hocks looks like today:

IMG 0276

I worked on it outside this morning. I have to say, I got up when DaBaby woke up this morning, about quarter til five. Now I am tired, and the children are acting like monkeys swinging from chandeliers. Ok, not really. I’m just stretched thin, so the smallest of noises make my thoughts shatter like dropped crystal. BUT, I like what I have been able to accomplish so far today, so I will try to get up early again tomorrow. Ooh, how exciting, huh?

And go I did

Oh yes, I most certainly DID GO. I spent most of Saturday at the mall, and honey, it was all about me. I had my hair done at an actual salon, and made another appointment in six weeks. I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time evah! And I ate lunch. Then I walked around looking for dresses, but not finding any. And after that, I went to the book store. There was a huge storm while I was out, too. The lights flickered and a few of the registers went down, even. I was inside for the worst of the rain, and then I was glad for the clouds because it kept it from getting too hot! I choose not to use my auto air conditioning so if it’s hot outside it’s much less pleasant for me to go anywhere.

I also stopped by the perfume counter at Dillard’s. In six weeks, I’ll be picking up some Poison. I wanted to try it out again, and make sure Dh and I both still liked it before I bought it, and oh YES we do, so I’ll get it when I go back to the mall, unless I decide to order it online, and I just might. It depends on what kind of deal I can find.

Gotta Go

Read my lips. I want to go somewhere. I want to get away from here in a serious way. I want to go to Asia, I want to go to Europe, I want to go to Australia. Heck, at this point, I’d settle for McDonalds if I could just go by myself!

But, what if I really could go away on an adventure? I think it would be Europe, and I’d stay for…Oh, I don’t know. A while. Actually, I’d probably do the UK thing, with a twist. I’d fly out of NYC, but I’d stay a couple of nights in a New York Hotel, so I could do some of the things on my “some day in New York” list. Then, I’d fly into London and spend a few days there. And after that, I’d hit Scotland, Ireland (Hi Irie) and Wales (Hi Brenda).

Of course, I’d use a place like Easy to Book to handle my hotel reservations, because they make it easy. (Wow, that was profound, wasn’t it??) Check out this Dublin Hotel The fireplace alone gets my vote.

My footie!

Given that today is my birthday, I made myself a present. HA!
IMG 0261

Let me tel you that the bamboo dpns, they are on my very last nerve! They, are, so, slow. The. yarn. just. sticks. I will be looking at only using my metal ones once the mate to this footie is done.

Psst, 2 days left

Ya’ll need to hurry! You don’t want to feel silly come Friday. If you can’t send a wool-silk blend in a dk weight for my pinwheel sweater, I’ll accept one of these charming fruit baskets. You know what I like in a gift basket, right? We’ve covered this before: a sturdy bottom, and a well secured center handle. Of course, you could all go in together and get the yarn and the basket. I wouldn’t mind. Really. Ok, seriously, I’m just pulling your leg. I’ll accept anything at all except over-the-hill jokes.

I’d really like a mellow day at home, with a cake, which I am trying to convince myself not to get hopeful about. If you’ve been reading long, you may remember previous birthday cake-less birthday posts. I do recall one recent year in particular when dh’s oversight cost him ………well, lets just say when I was done at the yarn store, that fancy cake looked cheap, LOL! Not that I’m a material girl. It’s just that I get depressed when my simplest desires are ignored, and then things happen. Expensive things.

Not much

Not much knitting, not much shopping, not much to say. Move along. come back tomorrow when I’ll have a finished footie to show you.

There went the yarn money

Maybe. I was kinda planning to buy myself some yarn this week, since the birthday is Friday and all. Instead, I am apparently buying a fuel pump for my van, to the tune of several hundred dollars. Sigh. At least DH of us will be happy. He’s backed-up on his calls now, and must drive all over these next three days trying to catch up, since his territory runs from Myrtle Beach to the Outer Banks.

This is tiny

I saw this tiny pulse oximeter today and I am impressed. Now, Drama had to use a nebulizer before we realized she was allergic to dairy, and she was terrified of it., It was so LOUD. I know this little device isn’t marketed specifically for children, but I can’t help but thinking it would be a lit less frightening than the one we had. It just isn’t big enough to make the amount of noise ours made!

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