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And speaking of gifts

Father’s Day is, umm, Sunday, ya’ll. I don’t have anything for Daddy or my husband. Nor have I really looked at anything, because I am lame like that, so now I have two days to come up with something good. Therefore, I am checking out websites like Weidmann Trading that offer Muscle Car Apparel & Gifts . Dh is really into old cars. In fact, for the past few Christmases, I have gotten him a classic car calendar, so I know he’d like something from there. Perhaps I could get him a shirt with an old Mustang on it to be a constant reminder of the one he flew through the windshield of as a teen.

My dad on the other hand might like the Dodge charger shirt, or something with the GTO logo. He’s driven both of those cars in the past. His GTO was silver with burgundy interior. He kept that car in pristine condition, as he does/did all his vehicles. We could never eat in there, and I remember being shocked that he actually allowed his Siberian Husky to ride in it.

Anyway I digress (as usual), and if you have a guy who likes cars (and don’t we all?) give this site a look-see.

Taking Suggestions

psst, it’s my birthday soon. And I think I want to get myself a fiber-y present. Shocking, I know 😛

Remember I showed you this pinwheel sweater the other day? Well, I think I want to get the yarn for that. The gauge 22 stitches to 4 inches, so about DK weight. I want something kinda dressy, and also go-with everything, because this will be a church/going out sweater. Lara, the yarn it calls for, is Combed Mercerized Double Gassed Cotton, and whatever I get needs to have great stitch definition for that crocheted edging. I’m not totally hung up on pure cotton, though, and have actually considered svale, because I am so enjoying it in Sonnet.

Wow, all that to say–what would you get?

Safety Net

Last year, I remember that several knitting bloggers lost their archives, and had to scramble to restore them. Several of my non-knitting blogging friends have had this happen recently as well. Since many of them monetize their blogs, this is a real issue, as you can imagine. I found out today that Online Backup is available for your blog! It’s an addition to IDrive-E, and it will do recirring back ups of your blog automagically after you set it up. You can backup as much as 1GB this way!

This is the company I mentioned before on another blog that lets you back up files from your PC (up to 2GB for free, unlimited for $4.95 a month). I think this is a great addition to their line-up, because I am too much of a technotard to set up a chron job on my host. Yeah, I can say it, I just can’t DO it.


I picked up Sonnet last night, and did a bit of work on it while I was visiting my folks. Yesterdy was Daddy’s birthday, so I went over there for supper and tv. My dad and I are both total history nerds, except, like, he isn’t a nerd, LOL!

What to do with this?

I’ve been thinking about what to do with this yarn, It’s worsted weight soy silk and I have about 750 yards of it. I want something for myself, but I don’t know what. My most stellar idea is to do a top down raglan tee, with the yoke out of a matching variegated. But that’s only marginally better than making leaves for silk trees. What do you suggest?

Not Yet, Either

Nope, not yet. Sorry. Maybe tonight, unless I decide to actually go to bed at a decent hour. Umm, guess I picked up in the middle of a thought there. I’m talking about the second sock.

What I did do in a fiber way today was to pull my sock yarns out of the bin they were in, and put them back on a shelf so I could enjoy them again. I, umm, noticed that I have a lot less than I used to have, and I know I haven’t knit it all, so………yeah. What’s up with that????? Ok, scratch that. I guess I’ve made more socks than I thought. I just checked the stash page, and it’s all here. I guess I have more in the project spectrum basket than I thought I did.

Wow, can you tell from this post that I really need a nap? I figured you could. Not that I’ll get one, just that I need one.


I have not yet started the second sock. Not long after I posted that picture, the internet poop hit the fan, and so I have been busy with that. I’m too angry to knit the second sock anyway, unless I want it to fit Drama. Of course, she’s asked for socks, so that could work.

Hey, here’s an off topic rhetorical question for you? Why is it that electronic check processing never works in MY favor? If I want the check cashed immediately (like before DH gets to the bank and takes the money out), it takes forever, yet if I need a day (because he did go to the bank, and I didn’t know it) the check is cashed before the ink is dry. Just sayin’

One sock down

And we have a sock! I like it.
first feather and fan sock complete

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