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Practical Purls 6

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. That’s such a cliche, but it’s also true. With the cost of everything rising, it’s easy to find ourselves in a position where we can no longer meet our financial obligations, isn’t it? One thing you can do to help stretch your budget a little farther is to investigate a school loan consolidation. That way you’ll only have one payment, and I’ve heard that sometimes the interest rate will be lowered as well.

Practical Purls 7

Let’s talk about silver a bit. Not the kind that’s lacing through my hair at lightening speed, but the precious metal. Silver is an investment that is available in coin or ingot form, and right now, demand exceeds production, so the price is rising. For 17 years, this has been the case, and most of the above ground silver stock has been depleted. You can have silver delivered to you by Monex, or you can have it stored at a bank or depository.

Oh, one more thing: How do you tell a coin from an ingot? Coins have a currency value and ingots do not.

Practical Purls 8

Boy, am I tired. I’ll bet you are, too. Let’s take a mental break, and check into a virtual Pennsylvania bed and breakfast. We can rest a bit, sight see a while, and come back on Monday to talk about knitting and shopping and kids, oh my! I’ll see you then, and I will try my best to have something picture worthy by then.

Practical Purls 9

There are plenty of places in Kansas for Used Cars, but only Conklin has the selection of cars that you want with the service you deserve. There’s a reason they’re the top Hutchinson, Kansas Car Dealer.

Conklin has the best selection of Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s, but they also offer the service you’ve come to expect from a Kansas Car Dealer that’s consistently ranked tops in sales and service. Why waste any more of your valuable time going from dealership to dealership when everything you’ve been looking for is in one place. I know you’ll be happy you went to Conklin for your next car.

Go shop

I want to pass on a shopping goodie today. If you get teh local flyers, be sure to check out the Eckerds. They are having a whale of a sale on make-up, including Physician’s Formula, Cover Girl, Maybelline and other brands. I know I mentioned his on my other blog, so I am sorry if this is a repeat for you, but really–the sale is so good that this news bears repeating!

I’m still knitting, but there’s still nothing picture worthy at this point. And remember I said I was thinking about adding Hocks back in to my knitting routine? I did. I’ll show you a picture of that next Friday.

Math Woes

Well now. I finally caught up with Diva and her schoolwork. Houston, we have a problem. Seems that when I asked her if she’d done her math, and she said yes, what she really meant was “I did the parts I liked and understood, I skipped the parts that frustrate me, and made it up by doing the extra work in the back of the book for the stuff I’d already covered with you”. And this has been going on for a very long time.

See, I believed her, because she has always been a stellar math student. I had no idea how far behind she was because when I would ask what lesson she was on, she was always further along in the book than she had been, but she’d not been grasping the new stuff in the lessons. That year I lost while I was chained to the breast pump has definitely caused some problems. Sigh.

So, we are on the advanced math plan for the rest of the summer. 3 pages, every day, the whole pages, every day, checked by me, every day, work on it until it is all correct, every day. Sounds fun to me, how about you?

Lion Brand

Another site from the drafts: Lion Brand Yarn. Here you’ll find “Inspiration, Education and Free Patterns for Knitters and Crocheters”. Much of it is novelty yarn, but there are some good basics here too. I made my first socks from the 56 round sock pattern on this site. I’ve made several things from there, in fact, but, they’ve all been in plain yarn, LOL. That’s just me.

Ya’ll come see me, now, ya hear?

Today is the first day of summer! As you know I live near the beach, and I love company. Many people will be heading off on vacation, soon, and I’d love to meet some of my readers. So, I made you an enticing little card at Build A Sandcastle to tempt you into visiting me.


Do you like it? It was really easy to make, and I had a lot of fun doing it. First, I got to select my beach. I chose the one that looked the most like the beaches here, but we don’t have trees on our beaches. Then I built the castle, and added accessories. I couldn’t figure out how to scale the castle, so please excuse it’s size. I could have colored it, too, but decided to leave it sand colored, because….well, that’s what color our sand is, LOL! And then I saved it!

And it was also free! You know I love free, right? So, go build a castle, and let your kids build one, too. Then start packing, and come see me. Bring lightweight cotton, and we’ll knit on the beach. I’ll be waiting by the sand bucket.

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