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More Hocks

I am now ready to start the large blocks in Hocks. First, I must make sure I have the yarn I need for 109 small blocks to finish off the other end. So, pardon the very short post, I am off to play with my yarn. You know you would do the same thing.


It’s Hocks, ya’ll. You know I knit what grabs my attention, and it’s Hocks in a big, big way. I am currently filling in a few spaces with little squares and then will be doing larger squares through the center of the blanket. Just for perspective, this basket is 7.5 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep at the top. This will be my at home project until something else calls my name.

hocks in basket

For those of you waiting on the sock pattern, I apologize. I’ve found that if I don’t knit on what is calling, then I don’t knit at all, and no knitting makes Cass a very grumpy girl. The pattern will come, but you’ll have to be patient while the muse has it’s way with me.

Looking Good?

If you have been reading my other blog, you know I have been playig a lot with makeup lately, getting some new stuff, getting rid of some old stuff (am I the only one who has makeup that’s 7 years old? Oh, yes, my blusher was SEVEN years old!). I’ve also gotten some face cleanser and make up remover and such as this, because once you put it on, you gotta get it off, somehow, right? And then you have to replenish the moisture that the washing strips away. Hehe, I’m beginning to remember why I quite wearing make-up now, LOL! Nonetheless, I am having fun, and feeling fine, so I think the makeup is here to stay this time. I assure you that I am NOT obsessed, even though my kids, who are totally not used to seeing me mess with my face will tell you otherwise. Why they feel compelled to watch me put on makeup, and practically time me doing so is another question all together I guess.

Now, the stuff I have been buying comes from mass merchandisers, but if you are in teh market and wantthe stuff the Oprah and Beyonce use, go check out Dremu Skin Care Products. These products contain emu oil, and the woman’s magazines are raving about it, too!

Practical Purls 1

I watched a movie a long time ago, I can’t even remember the name of it now. (Or maybe it was a book. I frequently create such vivid mental images when I reading that they seem like something I have actually seen.) I don’t remember anything except a woman who had a chair to take her up and down the stairs, and she got trapped in that chair, and it just kept taking her up and down, faster and faster. As I type this, I am almost certain it was something be Stephen King, because I just remembered the ending, and folks, “it wern’t purty” as they say. Anyway, I thought that such a chair was a made-up thing, but I was wrong. (Imagine that!)

Such contraptions are called stair lifts, and they are a real boon to disabled people who live in multi-level homes. the site I have linked to sells a variety of them, so you can see exactly what I am referring to. And if you live in the UK, and need a stair lift, be sure to check out their warranty. I don’t think you’ll find a better one.

Practical Purls 2

I knew when we moved here that this subdivision backed up to the fancy-schmancy golf course here in town. Yeah, Bittyburg has a golf course. Go figure. Anyway, since I have started letting Country take walks, the other kids occasionally accompany her. And when they do, they bring home treasure in teh form of golf balls. That would be all well and good, except that they argue.

Practical Purls 3

But I, being smarter than your average bear, have figured out how to stop these petty disputes that make me want to tear my own hair out. I take on of those sharpie pens, and I write their names right on their little balls. Their golf balls, people. Quit snickering. You knew very well what I meant. geez, Louise, always trying to trip me up.

Practical Purls 4

You know what I like about going to the movies? The theater seating. It so soft and plush, and exactly wide enough to neither squeeze me, nor make me feel lost. You know what I hate about going to the movies? The theater seating. I’m so short that my feet barely reach the floor, and this causes the balancing mechanism to get all whacked, and the darn things try to fold up with me still inside them.

Practical Purls 5

How many social networking sites do you belong to? They add up pretty quickly, I guess. Here’s a guy who’s all over the internet. You can find him at Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, and Navtej Kohli. I guess those profiles add up pretty quick, don’t they?

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